☯ ISSTH Chapter 495 ☯

Yin Yang ChinaNegative: At virtually all restaurants, even nice ones, food is generally brought out in random order at random times. (In big cities like Beijing or Shanghai this might not be the case, especially in areas with lots of foreigners) Positive: You always get a nice surprise when dining out! Expect your appetizer to come before your main course? Why be so boring? Isn’t it much better for dessert to come first?

Chapter 495
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Lingson
Memes: Deathblade
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    1. While that true, Food order is ment to set the conditions it enters your stomach. Afterall, the experience of food is not just tasting it, but how it appears/smell before you eat, and the after taste and how well it digest.

  1. I’m going to explain clearly whats wrong with censoring the titles. And yes censoring applies, you, a 3rd party are editing something out of its proper place in the novel.

    First from my standpoint as an Author. Writing is hard work, whether you have no talent like me or plenty like Ishibumi and Er Gen. Sometimes the hardest part of writing is thinking of an appropriate title for the chapter, it has to both be concise and have a direct relationship to the content of the chapter, its not especially rare for the title alone to take more time and effort than the entire chapter itself. So when you censor it like this, you are insulting all that hard work.

    Now from my Reader standpoint. It feels like you are insulting me, this type of thing is the reading equivalent of putting me in a bubble for all of eternity because you’re afraid I’ll get germs. Maybe there is someone who actually manages to feel “spoiled” by a chapter title, but the only advice I can give them is to pack up all their reading material, and give it to someone who actually has the ability to read. And thats me trying especially hard to be nice about it. Also, It’d bother me a bit less if you were consistent with it, actual plot twists are left visible, but things we saw coming in the womb are hidden.

    Next is how I fear this type of thing is going to affect the entire translation community. ISSTH is a big series, its almost definitely in the top 5 of the entire Chinese webnovel translation scene, how you treat the series has the potential to become part of the standard for translation. If this becomes the norm, I’ll be forced to drop literally everything and never read a Chinese novel again unless I ever manage to become proficient enough in the language to read at the same speed I read English.
    I’d rather have a sub-par translation by a dude doing his utmost to do the series justice than the most accurate, expressive translation in existence by a dude that couldn’t care less about the series.

    Now, I need to apologize. I handled it immaturely, but it was a lot of built up rage based on all 3 of those points, I’m sorry. If you still aren’t convinced, I suggest you put it up to a vote, I wont be able to complain then if the consensus is against me. I’ll just have to hope Ren manages to make it so I can still get emails for the other series I read, but cancel ISSTH emails.

      1. I do agree that a Translator should have control within reason due to the hardwork they put in, and I truly am thankful for it. But if you ask me, this is outside of reason. I’ll use my personal feelings to explain.
        I’ve always had plans to translate something someday when I felt proficient enough and I had a few plans for how I’d go about it, but thanks to this I realized something. If by using an unorthodox technique such as censoring the titles or detailing the entire plot I make it hard on the reader or even cause someone who loves the series to feel compelled to drop it, I dont deserve to even read the series, much less represent it as its translator.

        I honestly suck at using words to express my thoughts, so sorry if its not coming across clear enough.(This is why I’m only a Hobby Author)

    1. I hate to puncture your balloon of logic, but the reason that I started putting the titles at the end was because I did exactly what you suggested and polled the readers. The vast majority preferred to have spoiler titles at the end.

      As has been pointed out to you by other more informed fans, the Chinese web novel scene is about pulp entertainment and making money. I’m highly confident that when I have the chance to ask Er Gen if it’s okay to put chapter titles at the end, he will agree. In fact, please send an e-mail to [email protected] so that I can send you confirmation of that when it happens.

        1. One vote here for no spoiler titles. Not that I’d stop reading if the translator doesn’t hide them, it just annoys me that one or two sentences long title manages to summarize the whole chapter. 😛 But as a shameless leecher, I’ll let the decision on the translator’s hand.

          Now if you’re that offended and want to drop the whole novel because DB puts the title at the end so it wouldn’t spoil the chapter, well .. what can I say? So long? Farewell ? ;)))))

          I hope you’d continue to read, though.. ISSTH is such a great novel.

        2. Okay, I actually found I disagreed completely Point to point so I’ma clone your format.

          As a writer, when I name a chapter, yeah, it can take forever. But my goal is never to then “Thus it was written, THUS IT SHALL BE”, and the chapter title isn’t “part of the writing”. The actual chapter is. The chapter title is for the index, so that if people lose their place they can flip over and be all “Right this is the glacier bit, this is where the fire nation attacked ahhhh earth kingdom that’s what I was reading about.” They’re in the page itself PURELY so that you know you’re on the right page via the index. The chapter title is not important to the writing itself. The writing is.

          Yeah, I prefer the spoiler titles located at the bottom as well. It’s not a crisis the way you’re blowing it out of proportion, but it is somewhat frustrating for really cool moments to be spoiled by the title. It’s not “putting me in a bubble”, it’s letting me learn it when I can appreciate the knowledge. Context is critical, and the spoiler titles take the knowledge way out of context where our minds can’t help but run with it. If your imagination isn’t that vivid, I’m sorry, but you’ll find you’re the minority among readers.

          The effect of the choice on the community? Because I see it purely as a positive, that too, is pure positive. If someone was being particularly clever via word-play on their chapter titles, it might take away from the reading, but good luck translating that from Chinese to English regardless. But regardless of where the chapter title is, or whether it’s even in there at all (Could go the route where he just numbers them all like umpteen billion translators did even though the original has titles, and the titles… are only in the index!) dropping the authors actual writing over what is quite honestly the CHORE of having to name every chapter is ridiculous; is the writing not interesting enough to you on its own merit?

          And as for the later post about not having the right to even read it if your translation choice discourages even one reader from reading… uhm… that is not winnable. Ever. Especially in a series like this, where every translated chapter is effectively a rough draft that might (and probably will!) need editing a thousand chapters later because ha-haaaaa that vaguely worded thing matters now. Possibly mis-translating it means “making it harder on the reader” who now has to adjust their understanding of earlier chapters whenever it happens (and it has, if I recall correctly).

          Not normally a super-lengthy post kind of guy, but when someone with a niche opinion, that straight up lost the vote, starts indirectly insulting one of the hardest working translators in the scene over a decision he agonized over for over 400 chapters, and then had a POLL on, a proper response is needed.

      1. One thing I definitely have to disagree with in his statement is the implication contained within this sentence:

        “I’d rather have a sub-par translation by a dude doing his utmost to do the series justice than the most accurate, expressive translation in existence by a dude that couldn’t care less about the series.”

        You’re one of the best fan translators I know, and you’re definitely that- a fan, going by the passionate conversations I’ve seen you have & have had with you. It really bugs me when someone speaks like this about someone without actually knowing them in the first place. :<

    2. I really don’t see a problem here. If someone is so inclined to spoil themself with the chapter title, all they would have to do is scroll down to the end and gander at it. If not, don’t. It is not like the title is being witheld, so you can’t really count it as censorship.

    3. Honestly, I think you guys are just needlessly whining. What’s the point of reading at the most, a 5 minute piece of text that’s going to be ruined with a line and a quarter title?
      I think it’s the opposite. I think the author DIDN’T put in enough though in the title sometimes and instead just opts for a summary instead. For example, let’s say next chapter is when Meng Hao forms his water totem, if the title is “Meng Hao forms his water totems, how in the world can I build up the anticipation and excitement that I would get from reading the text bit by bit until I roughly guess what’s happening. Now that’s what a reader should get. Not some major spoiler because much thought wasn’t done. A title should give away a hint, and enough to generate interest and thought. Not the whole chapter. That’s not a title. That’s a summary.
      Wholeheartedly agree with DB’s way of doing things and can only assume you’re being picky.

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