☯ ISSTH Chapter 486 ☯

Yin Yang ChinaNegative: It’s not uncommon for taxi drivers smoke while driving. I somehow have the mutant ability to often pick those cabs. I know its possible to ask them to stop, but I always feel like my irritation will show too much in my voice, and just suffer through it. Positive: Hmm. Okay, honestly I’m not sure what the positive is. A higher level of freedom for smokers than exists in most places in the U.S.?

Chapter 486
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  1. Thanks 🙂

    It’s too bad the government in China is promoting smoking so much, the people as a whole suffer from it.
    Then again, the smog is so thick some places, maybe it doesn’t make much difference if you smoke or not…

        1. Of course it can (plus the earlier commenter referred to a light cigarette). Static electricity can ignite it too. That’s why it is important in the winter to discharge the static on you by touching your car body before pumping the gas. I do this all the time in the winter, when the air is driest, as my cloth seats create a really powerful charge. While you may get away with smoking most times, if the gas fumes in the air build up too much they can ignite from just a little spark. Same with static. They don’t happen often, but they do happen. Not something you should risk.

          1. Hey Fish, I stand corrected on the technicality of the gasoline vapour, indirectly igniting the actual fluid gasoline. Live and learn I suppose.

            And Butterfly, you’ve responded to two of my comments and both times your responses were off topic, and not what my point was. I talk about a cigarette and you talk about static electricity? The other comment has a similar case. Don’t try to argue just because you can open your mouth.

  2. Having more freedom for smokers is so not a positive. It’s terrible for the smokers health and even worse for those around them, since they don’t even get to choose if they want to be subjected to the smoke or not.
    And I’ve got asthma, which is made worse by smoke. I hate cigarettes.

    1. Same here (Asthma). I can’t breathe at all. Plus I always get an uncontrollable bloody nose when I walk into a cloud of cigarette smoke as well. Have even had to go to the ER for help. When I was a child smoking was still common and allowed in restaurants, etc. I never wanted to go anywhere back then.

  3. Hey Deathblade. I’m a smoker and live in US.
    Even though I’m a smoker, I do appreciate those restrictions for smoking…
    If I feel like smoking then I don’t mind going to those specific places to smoke. I don’t have kids but I’d prefer not to see ppl smoking close by children.

  4. Db, u gotta tell them. 2nd smoking is worse than first hand. Also the smoke can stick to your clothes and cause harm to baby db.

    One of my professors was telling me about a kid that would repeatedly come into the emergency dept, he didn’t know what was wrong until he spoke to the dad and smelled the cig on him. Even though the dad never smoked in the house, the smell/toxins would be on him and hurt the kid when he took him in his arms

      1. First hand is worse, but second hand is no joke either. The point is first hand is done by the smoker to theirself, while second hand is done by the smoker to someone innocent. And FYI smokers do reek of smoke, even if they haven’t smoked within the last ten minutes . Especially chain smokers. I had the misfortune to work with a bunch of smokers (really nice people besides their habit), and every time they came back from break I couldn’t get within 15 feet of them without having an asthma attack.

  5. Thank you DB and bro, you gotta realize second hand smoking is worst than first hand… I think you should speak up DB or check before getting on the taxi first lol

  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    About smoking: I am a smoker and I don’t find it that bad (as long as you tell them not to smoke and they do it). I live in Germany and they wanted to prohibit to smoke in cars saying, you should not smoke in your own car because it could distract you.

    I appreciate it if it’s not allowed in public places like terminals, busses etc. and in some cafes. But sometimes as smoker you find no place and need to go outside which is freezing cold. And it sucks. Taxis are something in the middle, if you were a smoker, maybe you wouldn’t find it that bad. (if it has good air condition)

    You should try to speak your mind more. Ask them, I’m sure most of them would not smoke. Taxi driving is a really boring job and most of them wait for hours, without anything to do, so smoking is very common for them.

    1. In your own personal car without other people in it, OK. But a taxi? I don’t think they provide smoking or non-smoking taxis, which would help. Even if they aren’t smoking at the time, the smoke is still there. It is near impossible to remove smoke from a car’s interior. When I shop for used cars they have to pass my test before I even consider them. If I ever got into a taxi with a smoker actually smoking a cigarette at the time, without my inhaler I would probably die (I’m NOT kidding). And I know I’m not the only person with this problem. Asthma is very common and cigarette smoke is almost always a trigger, along with strong perfumes. So I’m not on board with taxi drivers smoking inside the car. I do agree that they do have a boring job and that they need something to occupy their mind, but many of their customers suffer if they smoke inside.

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