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I generally refrain from giving my thoughts about the content in the chapters. However, there are two points which stuck out to me that nobody has commented on (unless I missed a comment, sorry if that’s the case). These are not spoilers, but rather, things that I thought of when I was reading the story the first time. #1) A few chapters ago, it used the term “renegade Immortal.” In Chinese as in English the wording is exactly the same as the title of Renegade Immortal a.k.a. Xian Ni. I thought that was cool/intriguing. #2) I’m actually super surprised no one brought this up, but, Meng Hao is now getting used to the cold and is even surrounded by a type of frozen dirt. Doesn’t this remind anyone of a certain quote from the last paragraph of a certain chapter…?

Chapter 472
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  1. Thanks 🙂

    It is intriguing, just like many other things in Er Gen’s writings.

    I was briefly thinking about these things, but since I didn’t see anyone else bringing it up, I didn’t think it was worth mentioning, and quickly forgot about it. xD

  2. Renegade Immortal was a blatantly obvious one, and since it had been established that it referred to the exact same thing as it did in Xian Ni, it was easy to make the connection. To be honest, it doesn’t sound like much since there has been no other concrete evidence or connection to Xian Ni. I, for instance, dismissed it as a cool term that the author had made which didn’t need changing.

    The snow thing on the other hand seems like a coincidence to me. It is implied that Han Shan ended up with snowfall since he performed a technique which was supremely powerful. He also regained a bit of his memories.

    In Meng Hao’s case, it was simply connected to the ‘coldness’ or ‘ruthlessness’ that he’d cultivate in the future, never opening up or ‘warming up’ to anyone. I think that the warmth of emotions, of pity and such is what he was distancing himself from since he had decided to go ‘no mercy’ from there on out.

  3. I can’t help but comment on the second point. As for the first, it did make me thing of the novel but I thought it was more of a generic term for someone going against the norms of their region/planet/plane.

    The second one seems like something Er Gen would definitely bring back to make a deeper connection or allow further insight into this story as one reads it again from the start.

    Only time will tell if this will actually come full circle or not 🙂

  4. Thanks db,

    Yes I too noticed it, but as you can probably tell I rarely talk on the forum.

    Since we are on this subject, did you notice Wang Lin makes an appearance? There was a boy in Reliance sect by that name…he was pretty useless so at that time I thought the other of issth was dissing the author of xian ni (I didn’t know they were the same Back then).

    Also wang lin goes to 15th qi condensation stage before foundation establishment, which implies that if he was on the same planet as meng hao it was before events of issth.

    At one point I thought wang lin might have been the founder of the Wang clan, especially since one of the ancestors of the Wang clan stopped one of the elders of the ji clan branch from chasing after meng hao (this was right before the roc gave her speed boost to meng hao so he could escape to the black lands. The fact that the Wang ancestor could do this made him mysterious and maybe eluded to the fact that the wang clans origins contained another legend, wang lin!

    On another note that end of the chapter quote you referred to was a great catch. I remember reading that quote for the first time and thinking “what a powerful metaphor, it really sums up the lonely path of cultivation n need for a heartless nature”, now after you pointed it out again, the quote has become even more prominent…as it seems to be a summary of one of the main themes of this story.

    Ps: been wanting to tell you, I enjoy reading your burps almost as much as I enjoy the chapter. Your pre chapter comments and post chapter images both are some thing I look forward to with each chapter release

  5. Well i was thinking about Xian Ni while reading about the renegate immortals .. got depressed thinking about how many more mississippis i’ve got to count till chapter 218. 😛

  6. I thought that in ISSTH a renegade Immortal is an Immortal that reject way of Ji’s clan dictated, while in Xian Ni, is due to Wang Lin is beyond the norm of an Immortal should cultivate, let’s see, Wang Lin supposed to die but didn’t enter the circle of rebirth or sort, instead he wind up as a disembodied soul with intact memory and cultivation (kinda of pseudo Nascent stage?) that later evolved into a soul eater, then take over a soul hunting cultivator body by luck (say…didn’t some old fellow goes by surname Wang eyeing on Meng Hao’s perfect body?!), then in that stolen body Wang Lin enter a dimension which is actually a not-so-dead Celestial Being’s body which Wang Lin usurp its Celestial legacy and his stolen body shed and new perfect pseudo-Celestial body is formed.
    So breaking the norm is normal for all Xianxia’s MC.

  7. Ironically, when you write renegade immortal I am yes linking it to the Xian Ni novel.. Haha, but not bother to comment.. You know, one more thing is, when Meng Hao trapped in this coldness, why don’t he think about Han Xue Shan from Snow Frigid Clan? Their love based on coldness too, right?

    1. Because meng hao doesn’t have feelings for her? He met her like 3-4 times by chance and their enteractions where short and lacked the emotional growth like other girls.

      Next it doesn’t say anything about meng hao growing used to the cold but rather it only mentions the earth totem suction force, the combine power of fire/wood totem keeping him alive. You’d simply assume his totems are still working and the ever burning fire can instantly keep him malice in the voids coldness.

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