☯ ISSTH Chapter 467 ☯

Chronicles of Baby Deathblade – tonight during dinner, there happened to be a Chinese drama show playing on the TV in the background. BD seemed very interested in it. This was especially so when the battle scene started; he watched with rapt attention. Later when the dramatic dialogue started, he was hooting and cooing in a way that made it seem like he had some very important opinions to express. Quickly learn to talk, kid! I want to hear your opinion!

Chapter 467
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  1. Every time i read a chapter of ISSTH i feel like a little kid that got his candy 😀 im so unimaginable happy that i could start cry out of joy 🙂 thanks for the translation and the teaser chapter

  2. Kids are so much fun, I remember I couldn’t wait for my sons to start talking, but when they did I started wishing they would shut up LOL. Trust, when he does start talking, he will not leave you alone and talk you to death hahahaha. You have to love them though, life as a parent would be boring if our kids aren’t the way they are.

    BTW cherish these early years, you will miss it when they get older. Hug and kiss him as much as you can, when he gets older it’ll be hard to get hugs and kisses from him. I have to demand a hug nowadays from my boys, and they’re only 10 and 11 years old.

  3. The heavens are truly generous to me, I come from a 9 days vacations trip expecting 18 unread chapters and I come to find 26!! this is pure bliss.
    Thank you very much Patriarch Deathblade

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