☯ ISSTH Chapter 462 ☯

Meanwhile back in the Southern Domain…. Chu Yuyan pulled out a jade slip. Recorded inside were various images of Meng Hao and Fang Mu. Several long minutes passed before she put the jade slip back into her bag of holding. “Where are you right now?” she thought. “What are you doing?” She looked out at the rolling mountains of the Violet Fate Sect. “Do you still remember me?” she thought.

Chapter 462
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  1. what im really curious is whether Chu Yuyan really in love with Meng Hao… ‼
    I cannot read whats on this persons mind… ‼
    im in a total loss here
    can someone refresh me the relation between chu yuyan and meng hao.. 🙂

    1. It’s complicated.

      She has hated but also admired (just like anyone weaker looks up to someone stronger) Meng Hao, while she has almost fanatically admired Fang Mu, entertaining the idea of Fang Mu being her perfect lover. So, when it was revealed that Meng Hao and Fang Mu were one and the same, her feelings became a mess.

      She doesn’t want to give up on any of those feelings, but with time she’ll probably figure it out and come to terms with that she’s really in love with Meng Hao.

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