☯ ISSTH Chapter 456-457 ☯

Er Gen sat down and cracked his knuckles. “What should the next few scenes include? Meng Hao runs into someone more powerful than him and an incredible fight ensues? How about Meng Hao meets a beautiful girl? Or maybe a chase scene…. Or… I could drop some vague plot hints that won’t be explained for three hundred more chapters! Oh man, there are so many choices!”

Chapter 456
Chapter 457
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  1. Hehe, thanks for yet another (!!!) double release!

    You’re working so hard lately, Deathblade, what’s come over you?

    By all means, don’t stop… We’re loving it! Just make sure to take care of yourself…

  2. It better be a beautiful girl. No, two beautiful girls. 457th chapter and I’ve yet to see Meng Hao kiss someone.

    Shame on you, Er Gen, shame on you.

    Thank you Patriach Deathblade.

  3. Thanks for the chapter team!!

    Edit: What I really love is how, the ISSTH chase scenes have evolved alongside Meng Hao’s progression. They’ve gone from 100% Meng Hao fleeing. To 70-80% Meng Hao chasing. It’s great.

  4. Since you specially mentioned them i expect all three of your points in the next few chapters;
    It seems like i’ve missed the “vague plot hints” though 😛

    Anyway i am really grateful for your constant hard work!! 😛

  5. I refresh atg and issth atleast 30 times a day. This is what i look forward to everyday. Wuxiaworld is the first thing on my mind when i wake up. I am so grateful for finding out about wuixa novels, and i want to thank you guys behind Wuxiaworld so much for giving me the opportunity to read all these chinese webnovels. Thank you guys!!!

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