☯ ISSTH Chapter 455 ☯

Yin Yang ChinaNegative: In 99.9% of restaurants, waiters are not assigned a section or table. You don’t have “your” waiter. This can sometimes lead to a bit of chaos. Positive: Any waiter in the restaurant that you can flag down is at your disposal.

Chapter 455
Translator: Deathblade
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  1. That’s how it is in Norway too.
    Isn’t that how it is usually?

    Having traveled a bit in Europe, I’ve never experienced otherwise… Would be cool to have a personal waiter…

    1. Eh, it’s not as cool as you think. Only a bit more organized. Usually the waiter covers a certain area of the restaurant and he could be given too much area to work and never even check up on you 🙁

      But you can still flag down other waiters if you need something.

    2. It’s the same way in the Philippines, you don’t get a designated waiter, you seat yourself, they may or may not see you, you have to flag a waiter down to take your order, but theyre pretty quick to take your money. I never really saw a problem back then, seems thats just how and what everyone is used to.

  2. Since most people seem surprised and/or confused… in the USA, waiters/waitresses usually are split into subsections; they hover around that area, introduce themselves by name, and are ‘the’ waiter/waitress of any customers at those tables. This is so that if they give you great service and you leave a particularly good or bad tip, it’s received by the right person. I’ve heard that we’re pretty out-of-control with tipping, culture-wise, so it might not be an issue elsewhere.

    1. This is what happens when you have a minimum wage of less than $5 and a workforce reliant on tips to eat and pay their bills.

      It’s kind of ludicrous that business owners have made paying their staff an option for their customers to exercise.

      1. In most places, if the wait staff doesn’t get enough tips they are paid minimum wage. When I used to work for IHop, Im supposed to claim my tips and if it falls below, $10 bucks back then, I had to be paid minimum, at the time I think minimum was $5.25. If I made enough tips, I was paid $3.75/hr. Most people claim less tips so not to have to pay too much taxes, so it’s good for most.

  3. Lol. When I went to China, I remember that every single waiter/waitress in the restaurant would always try and find time to wait our table, or even just peek around the corner to stair at us foreigners. I don’t know if it’s changed since 2005, but it was pretty funny.

  4. Negative: To flag someone down requires not so much a “flagging” as a screaming “fuwuyuannrrrrr.” Positive: Once you get accustomed to this habit, it’s no problem to get service.

    Negative: Getting used to screaming ‘waitress’ should not be emulated in other countries otherwise you will get ignored or get a cold/pissed off stare.

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