☯ ISSTH Chapter 450-451 ☯

Today was actually a horrible translation day. The confusing vagueness and grammar of the Chinese language had me pulling my hair out. However, despite that, I was actually able to grit my teeth and grind out one extra chapter for another double-chapter release. I can’t guarantee I can pull off the same thing tomorrow. In other news, Er Gen just finished the final chapter of ISSTH on qidian.com with chapter 1614! He’s going to take a break and then start his next novel on April 29. That means that as of this update I have 1,163 more chapters to translate before finishing. LOTS more to come for this story!

Chapter 450
Chapter 451
Translator: Deathblade
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Proofreaders: Lingson
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Many thanks to all the fellow Daoists for bringing the first and second sponsored chapters of the week! Last week we had 15 chapters, let’s see how many we can get this week!

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    1. I doubt he is that far ahead. At the 200 something chapter or so he said that he couldn’t keep his word of translating as he read without reading ahead and so I’m not quite sure if he read until the last chapter of ISSTH but 1614 is really too much. Even binge reading that much would take a few months, but yeah I could be wrong about that.

  1. Well I just calculated some stuff and I would say that in a bit less than 2 years (1 year 9 months) you would be done if you keep the average pace you kept since the beginning of the translation which is around 13 chapters per week and 52 per month. I would say that take is a good average as it takes all the ups and downs of the last 9 months of translation.
    So withouth anything else, I wish you good luck and a strong will, my friend. I haven’t translated anything in my entire life, but as RWX once said, digging holes is not always fun to do. So stay strong and many thanks for translating this amazing work in such a amazing way 🙂
    Thanks for the chapters

    1. True. However, for the past several months I have done 2 per day without fail. Also, I plan to increase the weekly total, as I hinted at a few times before. More details on that in the next month or two.

  2. That’s a lot of chapters to go. Double coiling Dragon’s length (longest one I’ve read so far). Keep up the great work. Rooting for ya Deathblade.

  3. Er Gen puts the FINISHED word on ISSTH? I wonder how epic Meng Hao would be in the final chapters. Thank you very much for your hard work Patriarch. It’s been one amazing journey so far, I always wait for the latest chapter to pop out even during exam week 😀
    As usual, I’ll be waiting with bated breath for your great translation of Meng Hao’s future accomplishments!

  4. Wow… that is incredible. I thought that Meng Hao is already incredibly badass in this novel at chap 450 ish… If there are still 3/4 chapters left on the story… how insanely badass is he going to get?

    Damn… this is going to drive me crazy… I have looked and looked for other novels that come somewhere close to the awesomeness of ISSTH, and I have yet to find one that measures up to this novel. What do I do?
    Now knowing that there are still so many chapters… It is awesome but also terrible. Awesome because more to read, terrible because no other novel can compare to this one.

    Maybe you guys can recommend me some base on these preferences of mine? Please??
    ISSTH, my favorite of all.

    Novels I completed:
    Coiling Dragon

    Other novels I love:
    Tales of Gods and Demons
    Combat Continent (Soul Land)
    Heavenly Jewel Change
    Battle through the Heavens
    Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
    Child of Light

    Novels I somewhat like and sometimes read
    Against the Gods (too arrogant MC and the same weak fights strong and somewhat always win scenario that keeps repeating).
    Zhang Long (Liked the whole virtual game world setting, but it is still lacking a lot if compared to LMS).
    Desolate Era (Got strong way too fast, and lacks the same adventure flavor of other novels. There is adventure, but I don’t feel the same when reading it).

    Novels I dropped:
    Martial God Asura (I somewhat read up to chap 500 ish, and I realized I can’t stand the MC. Too petty of a personality for my taste).
    Stellar Transformations (I liked it very much at the beginning, but got extremely bored when he started getting chased by the octopus when he was crossing that sea/ocean).

    Does anyone have any recommendations on my tastes? Please? What I like about ISSTH is how MC seeks power but not fame, he comes across fame but he doesn’t seek it. He only seeks perfection. There is comedy in the novel, and every adventure and progression in the story is something new and unpredictable. Nothing repeats.

    Recommendations please?

    And Thank you to Er Gen and Deathblade!! I really do thank you a lot! Gracias!

    1. Have you tried reading Swallowed Star? It was written by IET but has no relation to Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformation, and Desolate Era since those three in order are sequels.
      Swallowed Star is on
      Also if you haven’t you should check out Perfect World on here (wuxiaworld). Another great novel.

      Also you can check out Tang Jia San Shao’s works:

      Doulou Dalu is on

      Shen Yin Wang Zuo is on

      Hevenly Jewel which is on

      1. Thanks a lot for the references! I do read Heavenly Jewel and Doulou Dalu, but I have never read Swallowed Star, Perfect World nor Shen Yin Wang Zuo. I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks a lot!

  5. I’m both sad and happy to hear the end of this great novel. I cannot wait for his next great work, or the final translations of ISSTH which has quickly become my favorite Wuxia (or any story, really). Many, Many thanks fellow Taoists’ Deathblade and Er Gen, I hope that either or both of you can read my sincerest thanks, and know your work has brought joy to many people!

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