☯ ISSTH Chapter 443 ☯

Remember the videos of the AR cards I shared a while ago? I was finally able to make another one. Unfortunately, the app that works with the AR cards is Android only, and I have an iPhone. I have to borrow an Android phone to be able to view the cards. Anyway, check out the jump for a video of the Blood Mastiff! (If you listen closely you can hear BD crying in the background at the beginning haha)

Chapter 443
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Lingson
Memes: Deathblade
Meme Archives: joeljbright
Sponsors: Joseph Pellettiere, Gabriel Löhner-Raak, Terho Jaakko Reuhkala, William Karan, Jesper Hansson, Abdulrahman Mohren, and LB

Many thanks to all the Fellow Daoists for bringing the fifth sponsored chapter of the week! P.S. I have evilly left the sneak peak at a horriffic cliffhanger. If you hate cliffhangers, don’t look at it (although you’ll be missing an epic meme). Also, please keep the sneak peak a spoiler! No info about the content within the chapter comments!


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  1. There’s no need to borrow an android phone.
    You can run almost every android application trough bluestacks, droid4x or many other alternatives both on windows PC and macs

    1. i think he needs to be able use a camera for this (he was holding the card behind the phone. i think the app recognizes the card and makes the projection. hence you need a camera) and a phone would be way easier than pc (dont even know if a webcam would even work)

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