☯ ISSTH Chapter 442 ☯

Yin Yang ChinaNegative: China does not have “traffic laws” but rather “traffic suggestions” (Chinese people never disagree and always laugh when I say this). The traffic police occasionally direct traffic, but that’s about it. Positive: Because of the general lack of traffic law enforcement, people tend to drive more cautiously, especially in the city. Everyone assumes everyone else will do something random, making the overall traffic situation “safer.”

Chapter 442
Translator: Deathblade
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  1. Lol that sounds hilarious… and dangerous… everyone is careful because everyone assumes that the other drivers are stupid and reckless… lol it’s like the US, but worse…

    1. Ever driven in the heart of Boston? No one follows traffic rules and they sure as *ell don’t drive safely. Its a madhouse. No marked traffic lanes (paint is worn away quickly and I assume the maintence people value their lives and don’t want to get run over to put more on all that often), passing on any side at any time, weaving, not stopping when they should, parking where they shouldn’t, crossing over into what I think is the other direction’s lanes (can’t tell cause other sides doing the same), some even going so far as to drive over the curb to “squeeze” by, etc. Its been some years since I’ve been there but I haven’t heard any rumors of it getting better.

  2. Traffic’s not that bad. Everywhere has their own traffic culture. What you described is even more prominent in Jakarta, Indonesia than in china. Since everyone expects others to do weird things (driving through red lights, illegal turns, going against the traffic, having the right of way, etc), we are much more aware of our surroundings while we drive.

    The worst problem i found while driving in china that almost had me killed a few times in the beginning was: when a car is turning from a secondary road into the main road, they dont actually “wait and see” if there’s a car speeding along, but just swerve at a crazy speed recklessly and take whichever goddamn lane they want.

  3. Traffic in china is abysmal. I lived in China during the summer last year, and I was in over 5 traffic accidents on the public bus. Not sure if I was unlucky or not, but 5 accidents over 2 months seems pretty bad to me.

  4. I’d have to argue with the “drive cautiously” statement. From my experience in China, the drivers are more dangerous but at the same time more skilled. I mean there’s hardly anywhere else where in the world where all the drivers are proficient at stopping their cars when they’re driving bumper to bumper

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