☯ ISSTH Chapter 440 ☯

Yin Yang ChinaNegative: There is almost no concept of “being quiet” in the movie theater in China. In fact, answering the phone and having a conversation, joking with your friends, or asking inane questions out loud during the movie are common. Positive: All movie theater tickets are by assigned seating only. Furthermore, there are no movie previews. You don’t ever have to wait in line, nor do you have to wait to watch the movie!

Chapter 440
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  1. I don’t like going to the theater as is. If it was a cultural norm to be a loud and annoying ass in the theater I’m pretty sure I’d never step foot in one.

    1. I’m so exactly the same. I’d probably go up to management and show them the AMC ‘turn your phone off and shut up’ clip and ask them to implement something like that, run it before every movie. Wishful thinking I know, but one can dream

  2. In Canada the theaters are so nice because everyone’s just enjoying the movie and trying their best not to disturb other people. It’s actually pretty nice.

  3. Here at Phil. We kill anyone trying to disturb the silence, especially if it’s about horror movie. Some time ago when me and my friends were watching F&F 6 one of us was too loud, not long after a group of friends approached us and without saying any words a riot had just begun. Since then i just watch streamed movies.

  4. The positives… they aren’t worth it. They aren’t! THEY AREN’T!
    If I went to a Chinese theater I’d probably end up sneaking up behind everyone who is talking and silently choke them out like a ninja until it’s nice and quiet and the only other person I didn’t strangle is wondering why everyone else is slumped over in their seat.

    Thanks for the chapter :3

  5. I actually enjoy some form of noise when the movie is appropriate. The one you watch with families, have explosions and stuff. But limited to hoo haa haha only. I’m going to cinema expecting these kind of noise. If there’s deep movie, I prefer renting/buying the movie and immerse myself at home.

    Thanks DB for this mini YingYang episodes! There’s tons of people visiting China, but not so much talk about these kind of differences on daily life, very interesting!

    1. Yesh,

      Some form of movie responses are acceptable. When i watched the matrix 2 and the architect showed up, a guy was yelling “omg its colonel Sanders” and everyone was laughing. 😀

      1. Lol. That I could accept. But the comments and questions are usually so retarded I want to punch myself. Usually they’re along the lines of:

        “What’s that?”

        “Oh, he’s going to die.”

        “Why is she doing that?”

        “What’s going on?”

        “Oh, he’s a bad guy.”


  6. Thanks for the chapter and the interesting look into life in China. I’m not quite sure how I feel about those positives though, I like having the movie previews.

  7. Another thing that bothers me about the theater these days…

    When I was a child the movie previews were the only advertisement. Now they advertise practically anything and everything in the movie theater. I don’t need bod man cologne commercials and 20 different coca cola commercials to precede my movie.

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