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One of my favorite types of “Western food” here where I live in China is Burger King’s “Spicy Whopper.” In Chinese, “Spicy Whopper” is 天椒皇堡, which you could literally translate as “Heavenly Chilli Pepper Royal Burger.” But then I started to wonder, I’m American… does this even exist in America? I don’t remember there being a “Spicy Whopper” on the menu when I lived in America…? What about other countries?

Chapter 428
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  1. I’ve actually never been to BK (I’ve lived in the US for all except for about six months of my life), Deathblade, so I can’t really comment on that front, other than linking you a menu.

  2. We don’t have anything cool here. Well, the bacon cheese whopper is pretty good. And I guess you could put Sriracha on it…

    …anyway, thanks for the chapter!

  3. I’m in Singapore and I think that there is something similar on the menu. I just checked “Spicy Whooper” does not exist but there are spicy items of different names…

  4. I’ve seen it if it’s the one with the hot pepper rings, pepperjack cheese and some kind of red pepper sauce, only around for like a month or so in the spring last year I think. It was damn good with beacon …

  5. Many countries have their own special fast food menus based on the culture and appetites of said country. China and Japan are notable for having some of the most varied and bizarre(to Americans) menus for Burger King and McDonalds. If you don’t believe me, google it. Also, while you’re at it, look up all the flavors of KitKats they have over there, I think for Japan it’s something like 80 flavors that get cycled but it might have been China.

    In Germany you can, or at least you used to be able to, not sure anymore, you could order a Big Mac with a stein of your favorite beer. Now that’s service.

    1. This. Most if these franchises have locale-specific dishes to accompany local festivities and culture. For example, India has masala-themed disheswhih are basically extra spicy just like what you’d expect the people in the region to like. And in Middle East, you’ll find some of these sandwiches wrapped in tortilla instead of bread, etc.

  6. Fast food gets personalized based on the country your in. For example Malaysia has a deep history with black pepper so their burgers were what an American would call dipped in black pepper. India uses roti wraps or paneer cheese instead of meat…though they have their own versions of meat dishes but none with beef

  7. I would love to try all kind of foreign foods once or twice like the foods mentioned in the comments.

    In India, they have camel hamburger, I was told by my friend who went there three times before.

  8. Menus can change greatly going from one country to the next. I remember looking at a round table website from some asian country and thinking “that looks really good why can’t I get one of those?”.

    For that matter, do you think a burger joints menu is going to be different in a country with bajillions of hindus? Visit an american fast food chain in india.

  9. or maybe it was another pizza place. I can’t remember. I just remember it was an american chain and I felt like my local menu was getting the short end of the stick compared to this foreign menu.

  10. Thanks for the chapter. It seems like Meng Hao’s four mates will think he stole the pill and they’ll have an epic fight. It also seems that calling them “wooden swords” and that they are not completely unlocked, but now he has the control of “wood” he may unlock them soon? or are they still stabbed in to the Ji #19?

  11. In Australia “Burger King” is called “Hungry Jacks” because the guy who bought the rights to distribute all their franchises decided to change the name (his name is Jack). “Burger King” tried to sue him to force him to change the name and lost – so he bought all the rights to all the “Burger King” franchises in Kuwait and called them “Hungry Bunnies” just to rub it in.

    That’s some quality trolling.

  12. In Canada you can get the ‘Angry Whopper’, (I haven’t tried it) which is supposedly spicy. Probably the same as in the States.

    As for beer with your burger, there are some higher-end theaters that serve alcohol and restaurant food… although I don’t know if you can take the alcohol into the movie… you can take everything else though. Burger King used to be one of those restaurants.

  13. US here, yes there is a spicy whopper the “Angry Whopper” as others have said. It tends to be a seasonal type thing however. Not really sure why, it’s delicious.

  14. I live in sweden. Ours Burger King is a delis with salad, tomato, onion etc. i have eaten american burger before and compare to sweden burger, the american one go down your throat extremly easly, it really put the “fast” in fast food. but as a downside, it only have meat and the bun. i am not sure just how much fatt it has to be able to go down that easly.

  15. They certainly got a different menu at Burger King, at least compared to Europe. Did you try that mushroom burger yet? Forgot the name unfortunately, but I kind of liked it.

    Edit: Hm, seems not to be on the menu anymore, unless I am blind…

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