☯ ISSTH Chapter 426 ☯

If you have ever heard of the expression “doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry” then you have to see what’s after the jump!

Chapter 426
Translator: Deathblade
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This is the fourth guaranteed chapter of the week!…


Dashan, a.k.a. Mark Roswell, is pretty much the most famous foreigner in China, a comedian who performs both traditional Chinese crosstalk as well as standup. In this standup routine he explains the idiom “doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.” Please note, in the video, the idiom is transliterated as “ku xiao bu de.”

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      1. No, not really… The citizens of China are far less comfortable than the citizens of US. We have way more freedoms than they do. And our financial situation is still extremely strong, despite what the US dept might imply.

        And more so for the original comment, how does political affiliation affect comedy? His jokes had nothing to do with comedy. And on top of that there are different styles of communism…

        1. Even if life is “less comfortable” in China than the US; it’s still “increasing”, and getting better. But for US… hard to say…

          First when US started out, most of the land was “empty” (despite a few Native Americans), and at the same time very “fertile” (surrounded by oceans, not so close to the equator to cause huge deserts, nor close enough to the North to be below snow all year round); so it’s only natural to have a little “raise” in life. Then it went to the “great depression”… And after the World War 2, it had a little “increase”. You know, cause “during war”, the country is in a “special state”; that’s similar to “Communism”. Hoover Dam was also built by the “US Government” (its anti capitalist to have the government doing the biggest “business” projects in the country…). And thanks to the “road system” and the “Technology Boom” (by the way technology and science went up all thanks to German and European scientists who fled to the US; cause of the war).
          And now look another depression…

          Thanks to natural resources, and thanks to “technological advancement” (thanks to scientists obtained by the World War 2) the US hasn’t suffered much. but in just a few hundred years, the country is in chaos. This has nothing to do with the “system” of the country. China has thousands of years of history (thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom). Chinese history can be connected all the way to the beginning of the existence of human kind. While US has only few hundreds.

          You can talk about “only money”, but that doesn’t have anything to do with “Communism”

          Reply to the original comment, by clicking “reply” to the original comment…

        1. Your argument is that “perfect communism” doesn’t exist? Perfect nothing exists… So nothing exists?…

          Don’t play mind games…

          In an argument, the only thing important is the context.

          The language we speak doesn’t “exist”. The meaning of words change every single day, as the “people” who use it change (slang, evolution of language).

          It’s something us “intelligent” humans “made” (words are just words; they dont exist) to “communicate”…
          It only makes sense in the “context”.

          Just cause you dont understand what we are talking about, doesn’t mean what we are saying aren’t true. It only means you aren’t smart enough to understand it.

    1. I think what you now are experiencing is the feeling of dont know whether to laugh or cry.
      By the way capitalist country arent that better off anyway. There are ups and downs to each.
      Big thank you to deathblade for sharing this video. Made my day. Cheers!

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