☯ ISSTH Chapter 420 ☯

I was born and raised in San Diego, where it doesn’t snow. What I grew up thinking of as “cold,” is really nothing. Because of that I’m a bit at a loss when it comes to winter-related terminology. There are two words I know how to say in Chinese, but am not sure how to say in colloquial English. They are 秋裤 qiu ku and 棉裤 mian ku. “Qiu ku” literally means “autumn pants” and refers to long but relatively thin undergarments to wear when it’s cold. “Mian ku” literally means “cotton pants” and refers to thick/insulated undergarments for when it’s very cold. I know know the words “long underwear” and “thermal underwear,” but I’m not sure how people colloquially refer to these articles of clothing. Do you know?

Chapter 420
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      1. For better or worse, I’ve spent most of my life in West Virginia. We’ve always had a joke about summer and winter each lasting for 6 months while spring and autumn/fall each last for 2 weeks. With my limited scope of American experience, thermal underwear are “long johns.” I’ve never heard of a term for “autumn pants,” but women in the summer typically utilize “capri” pants. The cut on the pants and material are very different though, I have a suspicion that there is no English equivalent to “autumn pants,” unless maybe something from medieval times?

        1. Capri’s strike me as a summer pants for those who hate shorts. Maybe today’s equivalent would be standard slacks or exercise pants. These are made from thin cotton or spandex. Thick cotton or denim, or better yet thermal/snow pants are more suitable for winter. Old term wise maybe use woolens. As for the torso, It might be the difference between a thin jacket and a true winter coat.

          1. Chicagoan here. I think the closest thing we have to “Autumn Pants” are sweatpants? Yeah and thermal underwear is pretty much called “long johns” here too. Although if you really want to be “sporty” you could wear some “base layers” also known as “$50 skin tight brand name long johns.”

  1. For those who hate long johns, aka ME, I just wear layers . They are made up of thin to increasingly heavy material to maintain both comfort and warmth. In my family it goes “Wow it’s cold, I have to wear three layers.” This is convenient because you can use it to refer to pants, shirts, gloves, hats, etc. And yes, I live where at times I have to wear three layers of all these. Otherwise, I also call traditional winter undergarments “long johns.”

  2. I live in georgia, usa but i’ve never heard of those terms but I do know that you can get different levels thermal underwear or longjohns, for example i have 2 different versions of thermals, ‘warm’ for autumn and spring weather and ‘very warm’ for winter…. and i heard the under armour brand of thermals basically keeps you at toasty, but they are rather expensive…!

  3. So every now and then I read a few chapters ahead using a machine translator… and I cannot get over the fact that google translates the blood burst flash technique as “vaginal bleeding flash”.

    Yeah… so thank you deathblade for not being a machine.

  4. Thermals or thermal underwear, or long johns. Leggings are used by girls, they’re thick cotton pantyhose. Of course there are the legging pants that a lot of women wear. Or just simply long cotton underpants.

  5. As a fellow Californian but from a little farther north (Sacramento) I would call what you describe as “Autumn pants” thermal underwear. Thermal under wear is worn underneath normal clothing and generally comes as a top and bottom pieces. Longjohns are a bit heavier and are one piece and probably fall in the middle of what you are describing. “Cotton pants” would be probably fall into the category of cold weather gear; I’d describe them as generic “snow pants”. Anyone from the Mid-West or the NorthEast could probably tell you more about them.

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