☯ ISSTH Chapter 415 – 416 ☯

Good news and bad news. Good news is that I think these chapters go best together, so, double chapter release. And there was much rejoicing. Bad news is that I’m releasing 416 early. That means the next chapter won’t come for about 22 hours or so. Also, I’m not sure which is a worse cliffhanger, the actual end of chapter 416, or the sneak peek I’ve provided. Pick your poison. P.S. Work weekend has officially begun.

Chapter 415
Chapter 416
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Many thanks to Fellow Daoist Davjd Siffert for providing the fifth sponsored chapter of the week. Chapter 416 is the sixth guaranteed chapter of the week.

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  1. Thanks very much for the double release and to Davjd for the full sponsoring!

    The end of chapter 416 was indeed flabbergasting, and I’m sure chapter 417 shall provide plenty of glittering eyes, for reasons different than usual, hehehe… Will Meng Hao behave as a gentleman, or as a not-so-gentle man?

  2. I…. this……

    Both Heaven and Hell at once, simultaneous, like a single entity made from two separate parts… the… THE DAO!!!

    I..I must go into closed cultivation, the skill displayed by the Patriarch are too profound..I….

    *coughs blood*

  3. There’s a part of me telling me to not read these, and wait until some more are released. But there’s a much bigger part of me telling that part of me to stfu. So I’m going to do just that and read it.

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