☯ ISSTH Chapter 414 ☯

In the minds of most people in China, there are only four kinds of alcohol. If you translate it into English, it would be: Chinese liquor, beer, wine, Foreign Liquor. A more direct translation would be: White alcohol, beer alcohol, red alcohol, Foreign alcohol. Although, most translators translate the word for “alcohol” as “wine,” so using that method, it would be: White wine, beer wine, red wine, Foreign wine.

Chapter 414
Translator: Deathblade
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  1. does it mean they don’t really care about the difference about whisky and vodka? if not, than i don’t get what you mean… i never heard about categories for alcohol, i just call it by its name.
    i mean… vodka is vodka, does it have a category?

    1. That’s right. 99% of the time, Chinese will drink either Chinese liquor (baijiu), wine or beer. The only place to get Foreign alcohol is at bars, which the average Chinese person doesn’t go to. Obviously there are words for all of the different types of alcohol like vodka, whisky, gin, etc., but the vast majority of Chinese people have never heard of them. If they have, they most likely don’t know what they are.

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