☯ ISSTH Chapter 409 ☯

A slightly amusing story after the jump….

Chapter 409
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I recently encountered a couple of kids in the elevator. All of the dialogue was in Chinese, except the italicized part which was in English:

Kid #1: Whoah, a Foreigner!
Me: What, first time seeing a Foreigner?
Kid #1: No…. Oh, you can speak Chinese?
Me: Nope.
Kid #1: What? Then what are you speaking right now?
Me: (staring at him coolly for a moment) Can you speak English?
Kid #1: A little bit. Where are you from. Australia? That’s America, right?
Kid #2: No, that means Australia, you dork!
Kid #1: Oh, America, America!

Yes, I’ve studied Chinese for 6 years to participate in scintillating conversations like this…

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  1. I would actually start freaking out if I was asked by a unknown Chinese kid “Where are you from, Australia?”
    Couldn’t get out of the lift fast enough… ( >_>)
    If you must know, yes I am an Australian *runs*

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