☯ ISSTH Chapter 408 ☯

Wu Ling sat there, looking at herself in the mirror. “Aiya, how do I make my eyes more phoenix-like?” she thought, staring at the Nanshan Fashion Magazine clipping pasted to the wall next to her mirror. “Chu Yuyan from the Southern Domain is just so beautiful! If Grandmaster Meng met her, he would definitely fall in love at first sight! I need to imitate her!” With that, she pulled out her makeup kit and began to apply makeup….

Chapter 408
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  1. I figure the last chapter post will never be looked at again since theres a new chapter so reposting.

    So I’m about to finally get back in to this series, I have 334 chapters to catch up on since I stopped at 74. I’ve asked a few times about whether or not this gets interesting(for me) again, and got a few replies about Protag getting some funny little companions that never leave, and I wanted to ask about which chapter he gets the first one?

      1. Yep, I just want to know about when they show up, the most important part of any novel is the character interaction and I want a clear idea of how long I have to endure before theres a constant source of it.

        1. I wouldn’t say there’s ever a “constant source” of companionship in the chapters that have been released. One of the themes of the novel is relying on yourself. He makes friends that come and go, some longer than others, but so far he’s never gotten a companion that sticks with him constantly. Even the parrot and meat jelly are not always with him. He occasionally leaves them behind to go on his own quest, although they always tend to meet up again.

          That having been said, you quit before the story even got going or got good.

          1. I dont really care about the plot much, I’m much more interested in Character Interaction. I quit because I didnt have time to read all the novels back then, and this was the least interesting. Now I have an abundance of time to read and since theres 300 chapters to read, I wanted to give it another chance.

        2. Well then, I recommend you better not read the story then, because this LN have the better plot that ever exist, but the companionship is secondary, I recommend you to better go read Wuxia. In these LN you may find more character interaction. But ey! like this LN you’ll never going to find another :3

        3. Technically, Meng Hao’s first companion was the blood mastiff, and it appeared in ch121. It can’t talk, so no diallogue interactions. If that’s not what you want, then Meng Hao’s second companion began to interact with him in ch166, and there was quite a bit of dialogue between the two.

          The meat of ISSTH is Meng Hao’s independent journey and the unraveling of the mysteries of ISSTH world along the way; the interactions of characters, who comes and goes, are the spices and side dishes. So, don’t expect meaty interactions between the same set of characters like DD; this novel is not about that.

      1. I’ll try to pay attention, I always wanted to do this for Linley.

        Right now it just said that he’s 21, so I’ll try to keep track of all the timeskips.

      2. This is a difficult task considering how often it’s ambiguous with time skips. But what’s even harder is figuring out what his body’s age is, considering that has gone – on more than one occasion I think – 30->80->30. I dare say keeping track of that is impossible.

    1. When i first read this novel and the other in wuxiaworld. I try to remember there ages. Then their seclusion time increase from months to years to decades. So I like forget this, they live for like 1000 years.

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