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Let me preface this post by saying that I understand that not everyone likes ISSTH. Those who don’t, and explain why in a logical way, will get no complaints from me. However, a recent negative review was pointed out to me that I happen to think is one of the worst “negative reviews” of all time. Not only did the author clearly not understand ISSTH or read much of it at all, but the title of the review is “Alright, what with the lies in the reviews?” So basically, he/she started out by calling the other reviewers liars, and also did so with poor grammar. If you want a good laugh at the ignorance of an ISSTH hater, click here and scroll down to the review by JetGT.

Chapter 406
Translator: Deathblade
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Proofreaders: Lingson and MeeBoo
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  1. the summary of that hate would be that it is stupid… but is issth stupid?

    of corse it is, what that guy said was mostly true, everything in this world is somewhat stupid, but at the same time it also contains greatness.

    as all things form a natural balance, so too do bad and good things, only by containing both aspects can anything reach truly new hights.

    Such is also the case for issth. it is one of the most stupid works i have seen so far, but the balance is perfect and together with all the greatness of Meng Hao, the meatjelly and what not, a truly perfect work is created.

    or something like that…

  2. So what?
    I don’t mind all the little things JetGT said. Many of the things he said are actually true, but he’s thinking of them as ‘faults’ while I think they’re what make the story.

    ‘Plot devices’ are part of ever genre, especially of this genre (what is cultivation without sitting alone in a cave for a stretch of 100years?). You have no business reading Xianxia if you don’t like this type of plot. Go read vampire stories, maybe you like the plot devices there more.

    I also think it’s fun watching how different authors create different works based on essentially the same stuff. Some of them do a great job, while others try hard but don’t quite get there. ISSTH is one of the works that actually do a good job creating a great story from an overused plot.

    me likes.

  3. I agree with the things he said in his review, except I still love the books.

    The exp potions have no downsides, ya that weird but just accept it.

    His part about MC being dumb, if the MC in a book didn’t make stupid choices half the antagonists in the books wouldn’t exist. Or even worse the antagonists wouldn’t seem, human.

  4. I also agree that meng hao can’t really be considered as hard working protagonist most of the powers ups are on pills and luck while it is true that other novels also has this but they are not totally depended on that, it is more important in issth which is not a bad thing that is main point here. Having luck and being stupid can be fun so it not a bad thing. It is boring to read story about flawless character.

    yeah he can have all the luck, plot armor he wants i don’t mind why? cuz main point is having fun in a good read which some people tends to forget while criticizing anything. As long as it is awesome novel i can even ignore all the boring chapters. He also said that they skipped development in killing department well all xianxia novels is like that with ruthless characters except some so if you need some proper development on it with mc still being human and not emotionless then it’s better to read different genre.

    The only complaint i would have for issth would be that i don’t feel any emotional attachment to characters and romance is done poorly. I can still live with that anyway all novels has their positives and negatives. It is still one of my fav novel.

    1. Well the romance isn’t reallydone poorly, it’s just that something happens every time forcing it to temporarily halt, I hope that at some point in the future the author will give a romance time to bloom instead of just starting it and then Meng Hao has to leave.

      1. Just pointing this out there bUT his luck is a double edge sword witch makes this story good.

        Every time something good happens to him something bad also always follow. This is really one of the few books that makes the ‘luck’ feel more like reality was invisioned during it all, while also not trying to go to far to make ‘luck’ a major factor.

        Next meng hao needs pills because that’s his only training means without the super rare spirit stones that he’ll need later one.

        Romance I personally think is done fine because anyone with meng hao would end up dead if they stay with him to long. This makes it more interesting if he’ll have a harem or just stay with 1 person.

  5. Wtf deathblade. It isn’t even that bad of a review, and he gave his honest opinion and pretty good points.

    It feels like, by making this post, you’re like the school bully who’s like “hey, look at that guy everyone. he’s a loser.”

    Kind of makes me a bit disappointed. I thought you were better than that.

    1. I have to agree with mrezman here. I wouldn’t call you a bully but it is not what I expected from deathblade. If deathblade had just said he read a crappy review without a link or name I wouldn’t have cared at all. I don’t what you meant by putting his name and link there but it looks like you are tryin to get the guy criticised for his negative review. I really really like issth and personally believe it is because of your translation that it is even better than the raws but I still believe that people are entitled to their own opinion. I somehow just felt wrong and maybe a little bit sad after I read your post.

      1. He’s calling out someone who called all other reviewers liars.
        Not sure if you missed that, but it’s not that the person gave a bad review, it’s that the person who gave the bad review said that everyone else’s opinion was a lie, not that it was their opinion just like his, but called everyone else a liar.
        Now about the review itself, I don’t think he ever made it past the Qi Cultivation stage in the book. He’s completely right up to that point, and even until he joins Violet Fate Sect, although I still liked it.
        This story actually has an incredible development in my opinion, and Meng Hao develops through the book and gets smarter and learns from his experiences.
        ISSTH has become my favorite book, because the story is quite deep and Meng Hao isn’t some insane character that flips out and murders someone and their entire family if they offend him.

  6. Honestly, as soon as I see any review/critique for anything that uses the terms ‘plot armor’ or ‘jump the shark’ I instantly disregard everything about it. Guess that’s what you call a pet peeve. So I can’t really comment on this review. As soon as they used the term ‘plot armor’ i checked-out and moved onto something else.

  7. Since I can’t sleep, might as well go along with it.

    The “bad” review is simply a result of different standards for a good story, and a LOT of assumptions.
    The reviewer seems to hold a “just” hard working character overcoming adversity as a key element.
    He doesn’t regard power levels as essential to the story, but would rather see an exploit of mechanics between more or less equal characters. Fair enough.
    (If you are interested in exploit of complex power mechanic rules, I can wholeheartedly recommend jojo’s bizzare adventure starting from part 3, stardust crusaders. If you can handle the art.)

    Personally, I read thousands of books, mangas, mahuas, novels etc. and I regard all parts of the story as plot elements. It doesn’t matter whether it’s steroids, technique, perseverance or luck, what matters is my own amusement.
    It usually comes from either gag comedy ISSHT excels at imho, or good gradual exposition of mystery mechanics/background history which allows me to speculate freely gnawing on each new part being revealed, which we still have plenty of here.
    I find that immersion and consistency are important within the story, not compared with my real life experience, since any story is virtual reality with it’s own set of fundamental laws.

    Then again DB, you should stick to being impartial and constructive as well, instead of pointing fingers at a review without your own explanation. It’s a small pet peeve of mine, pot calling a keetle black.

    1. Well medical pills and power levels exist in most XianXia I have read so criticizing that when he had been looking for XianXia to read is a stupid choice.
      I’d say the main issues are that the reviewer called all the other reviewers liars an that he obviously stopped reading before the violet fate arc but wrote that review anyways.

  8. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Meng Hao always the badass character.

    If u dont understant than read other chapter la
    why so much chitchat review
    when we can just enjoy the read and let our imagination run wild

  9. at first i didn’t plan to read it but then curiosity got me so i clicked the link but i saw a wall of text, so in the end i didnt’t read it haha

    i just came here to laugh at it btw, thats because in my opinion ISSTH is best cultivation-themed I read so far (or its just the translation? oh well whatever)

    Thanks for the chapter

  10. OMG how can someone say ISSTH is not good ?? seriously it’s one of the best novel ever. ok chap 1-100 not cool , 100-200 funny but sometime it’s always the same . But chapt 200-400 + are by far the best enchainement of PLOT ever.
    sry i suck in english but i m really mad to know some guys say this about ISSTH…

    edit: Thanks you very mutch for all your hard work DeathBlade. And thanks to Ren to speack about ISSTH to DeathBlade lol

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