☯ ISSTH Chapter 402 ☯

Baby Deathblade woke me up about an hour before my alarm, so instead of going back to sleep I figured, why not get chapter 402 out. Now, off to work…

Chapter 402
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Lingson and MeeBoo
Memes: MemeBoo
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  1. Hoho, decided to post here since this is most recent. In chapter 387, Meters and Kilometers are used interchangeably. Wonder if this is supposed to be correct or if it’s some odd typo. Actually, the numbers here are more confusing than anything.

    Demonic Qi once again poured up from the land in the three thousand kilometer area. What Meng Hao wasn’t aware of, however, was that this time, there was simply not enough Demonic Qi. He continued to descend, until finally he landed directly onto the shattered earth.

    “Not enough Demonic Qi!!” he exclaimed, his facial features twisted. With a cry, he produced the Demon Sealing Jade. A deafening roar filled the air, and the earth trembled. At the same time, the Demon Sealing Jade in Meng Hao’s hand began to emanate ripples which extended out. Fifteen hundred meters, twenty-five hundred meters….

    Meng Hao’s face twisted with savagery. Power poured out from the Frigid Snow Clan’s Agarwood legacy, as well as Immortal Shows the Way, which he had received during the events near the Rebirth Cave. The power shot out of him and then into the Demon Sealing Jade.

    Meng Hao’s mind spun. The ripples from the Demon Sealing Jade spread out. Five thousand meters. Fifteen thousand meters….

    A complete fifteen thousand meters!

    Suddenly, Meng Hao could sense all of the vegetation that existed in this area. All living things existed within his will. Every change and fluctuation was under his control.

    “Demonic Qi! Art of Righteous Bestowal!” He looked up at the enormous Five-Colored Palm that was descending onto him. As his voice echoed out, all of the Demonic Qi within the fifteen thousand kilometer region rushed madly toward him.

    It congealed around Meng Hao, creating a vortex of Demonic Qi. It started out thirty meters wide, then three hundred, then three thousand, finally thirty thousand meters!

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