☯ ISSTH Chapter 393 ☯

I just got back from FINALLY watching Star Wars VII for the first time. I’m a born and bred Star Wars fan (my parents still have a Science Fiction Book Club flyer ad for the original 1978 Star Wars IV), and I have to say that overall I liked it. I have gone this entire past month on complete media lockdown. I haven’t read a single article or heard even one spoiler about anything, so that certain spoiler I mentioned earlier definitely came as a shock. There are a lot of questions popping up in my mind. I need more time to digest the movie, maybe watch it again, maybe read some articles online. For now, I’ll close off this announcement post by saying, may the Force be with you all!

UPDATE: Uhhh… in my personal opinion anyone who hasn’t watched the movie by now in any country other than China couldn’t possibly be considered a fan of Star Wars, but in any case, I deleted the “spoiler” from the movie that came out a month ago everywhere else in the world.

P.S. To anyone who got “spoiled” by my original post, I’m unclear as to why you would read past the words “I just got back from FINALLY watching Star Wars VII.” As soon as you saw those words, why would you keep reading? Did you think I would refrain from talking about the events of the movie for a few months until everyone had watched the movie…?

Chapter 393: The Path of the Dragoneer
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Lingson and MeeBoo
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  1. Haha, I doubt Han Solo survived, he fell into the depths of the planet right before it collapsed and transformed back into the sun…

    May the Force be with you too, DB!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. dude… you praise not having heard any spoilers and conveniently spoiler in your introduction text for the chapter?^^ that’s not cool…

    but thanks for the chapter! 🙂

    1. vader is luke’s father. the movie is been out for a long time now, so unless you have been living in a cave or you dont care about star wars, there is no way you didnt know that.

      1. welp, planning to see the movie for the first time in 2 weeks. Managed to dodge and avoid all spoilers so far. Come to read issth, and bam, rekt. I’m a big star wars fan, but I work in a mine, and can’t see movies unless I fly out (once every few months). I didn’t know till now. 🙁

    2. I have to agree too, spoiler much? I have not yet seen the movie and have been avoiding any spoilers I can. As soon as my coworkers try talking about the movie, i leave for another area. Same thing on the net, I avoid the comment system like the plague at the moment. While I appreciate that you enjoyed the movie and felt the need to comment on that salient point, I have to say thanks but no thanks for the spoiler. Looks like I can skip reading this page too.

        1. Simply put, I want to see Star Wars, but I’m broke, ie. unemployed currently. While a ticket is not an insurmountable hardship, it is not one worth dealing with at this cash light point in my life. I find it a much better idea to pay bills and save what little money I can for further emergencies. I can always see the movie later when I have a new paycheck if it’s still in theaters or on dvd later on.

          As to why I would continue reading, frankly, I usually find what you have to say either interesting or amusing, occasionally enlightening. So while you mentioned Star Wars, you weren’t definitely going to spoil it, and had there been a tag, I would have quickly bypassed it.

      1. I was fine with the spoiler, but I’d just like to point out a flaw in that logic, if what you’re saying is true, then everything on the spoiler forum boards wouldn’t be spoilers either, since they’re technically in released content.

        Also, think of it more as a common courtesy, I would suggest waiting until it releases in DVD form before spoiling anything without any regard for who is reading it.

      1. What if someone wanted to read ISSTH and was wondering what you thought about the film before going to see it, not expecting the line right after “I haven’t read a single article or heard even one spoiler about anything” to be a major spoiler?

        People have their own many personal reasons for not being able to see a film as soon as it’s released.

        Anyway, I understand you were excited and can see that you’re being heavily defensive, so I’ll leave it there.

        1. I get your logic and thank you very much for being polite. But to me, it’s like if someone makes a comment about MGA on an ISSTH chapter. Well that sucks for people who haven’t read MGA, but it’s not inappropriate.

  3. Yeah, spoilers… T_T

    Not cool, man, not cool at all. I usually don’t mind spoilers if it’s hidden and/or come with a warning, but this one was out of nowhere and in a front page post… everybody coming on wuxiaworld right now would’ve read it and be spoiled, especially people on media lockdown like you. Imagine, not going to any site even remotely linked to Star Wars to avoid spoilers, then coming on wuxiaworld to read translated Chinese novels and suddenly, bam, spoiled.

    I suggest you remove the spoilers, or at least hide it. It’s immoral. 🙁

    1. It’s not a spoiler if it’s released content. Anyone who actually cared about spoilers could do exactly what I did for the past months. Don’t read anything related to Star Wars. Pretty simple.

      1. And of course we’ll expect people talking about Star Wars the moment we come online on wuxiaworld to read translated Chinese novels? How am I to expect I’m reading Star Wars related stuff when I came here to read the latest chapter? I usually read through what you say before clicking on the chapter link to read the chapter because I respect the translators enough to read what they have to say on their posts rather than just go straight to the chapter. In other words, it’s not that simple.

        Dude, stop, just stop… you’re just digging yourself deeper each “update”, “PS” and responses here.

        For the spoiler post, I can understand your position, you just came back, you were excited, you wanna talk about it, you used this as your medium without realizing you might be spoiling it for others. When people pointed that out to you, you could’ve just go “whoops, sorry”, remove the spoilers and be done with it, case closed. There’s tons of SW forums/medium to discuss it.

        Instead, you had to do your “update” with your “personal opinion”, coming off as a pompous jerk deciding by yourself who is and isn’t worthy of being a Star Wars fan, just because they hadn’t watched the movie yet by now. Your reasoning that it came out a month (in reality, barely over 3 weeks) ago in other country is pure Meng Hao level bullshitting.

        And then the PS? That’s pure defensive passive-aggressive snap at others who merely pointed out your earlier mistake.

        Meh, that’s it, I’m done. Not gonna say more about this. Deathblade, I appreciate all your work you’re doing on ISSTH, but today you’ve shown me a side of you I did not want to know, and I lost much respect for you.

        Thanks for the chapter as usual, and if you really think you’re righteous, then we just have to agree to disagree about what you did today.

        1. If you read all my chapter releases you would know I’m a Star Wars fan, because I’ve talked about it.

          If you cared about Star Wars spoilers, you wouldn’t read Star Wars things on the internet.

          Why are you name-calling…..?

    1. Spoiler would imply information that the general public doesn’t know about. Should I never talk about any movie/book/comic/TV show that exists, just in case there are people who haven’t watched it yet?

      1. Agree with this.
        For movies, time limit is for certain no spoiler in the week of release.
        Add in an extra 2 weeks for the holidays.

        Beyond that, you are just making yourself miserable if are not under complete media lockdown.
        I seen people on FB and others where the put pictures of “that scene”.

          1. Meng Hao marries Grandmaster Pill Cauldron and they concoct a Demon baby together. Now the rest of ISSTH is destroyed for you!!!!

  4. Good film! many people who disliked SW all of a sudden likes SW now, and apparently always did! I’m pointing at you cousin, and a few pals, who won’t ever read this post x’P

  5. I think most theater has list the movie. If they haven’t watch it they would have to wait for the dvd or bd which lack the feels from watching it on the big screen. They’re not fans, definitely not fans.

  6. I’m a star wars fan.
    I’m not a movie theater fan.
    The last time I went to the theater was like half a year ago. That said, I don’t really care about spoilers.

    1. May the Force be with you. I really hope that anyone who complains about spoilers also did not watch any of the movie trailers. Obviously, they would also be considered spoilers.

  7. I am one of the few who agree with you it seems. Don’t read further if you don’t want to know. Besides, dashing spectators dreams is very Meng Hao’ish , fitting for ISSH translations. If Meng Hao was speaking, you would already be in the pits of despair. Of course this is coming from someone who only liked the first three movies with Luke Skywalker, not the three with Anakin (not even sure I spelled this right). I am also someone who doesn’t like to know the whole story but actually appreciates knowing potentially off-turning events in any book or movie. As entertainment, I don’t want it to leave me emotionally wrecked for a few days in real life. If I am prepared beforehand I can enjoy the thing or avoid it altogether. So on my end thanks for the spoiler. I haven’t watched the movie, didn’t intend to, but might now since I’m very curious.

    1. “Thanks for the spoiler.” haha. Thanks for understanding. I’m really confused how talking about a movie which has been out for such a long time is considered revealing spoilers.

      1. You’re welcome. For me, predicting or gaining foresight/forewarning in anything is often more fun than the act/event itself (Example, proving Santa doesn’t exist when I was 6 years old, Oops that’s a spoiler!). It’s one of the reasons I really love Meng Hao, he always tries to gain the upper hand so he can steam rolll his opponents. I as well don’t understand why we can’t discuss things that have already happened without others getting angry. We too have the right to express our thoughts. I know it might disappoint you but try to see the positives, at least your heart won’t hurt so much, and you might not embarrass yourself by crying too! You might even be able to use bravado, and say to you companions, “Yeah I totally knew that was going to happen.”

  8. I’m a Star Wars fan and I haven’t seen move just because someone spoiled the big shock the day it came out to me playing Csgo so I’m waiting until it’s on stars to watch for free

  9. Theaters in my country already put star wars in the bottom of their movie list, I think it won’t be played anymore in a week or so. Thus it can’t be regarded as spoiler anymore IMHO.

    And I agree that we could skip the word star wars right away and click on the link without reading the posts.I personally almost never read the intro post by the way. This post actually piqued my interest because it was edited.

    Additionally, the people who havent watched it might probably be waiting for the good quality p*rated version to come up lol. No Star Wars fans would wait this long to watch the movie, except if they live in China or maybe…. North Korea. I am not really a hardcore fan but I buy the ticket 3 days in advance before the movie premiere in my country.

  10. Spoilers are not that big a deal I was at a restaurant and someone shouted out the ending of the movie but that does not mean I should get depressed right, RIGHT!! (T_T)

  11. Thanks for the chapter! And please, don’t take the negative criticism to heart. You were excited and wanted to talk about it and that’s completely understandable. If anyone doesn’t respect you as much for “showing this side of you” then you probably shouldn’t care about their respect anyway.

  12. DB buddy you don’t have to justify yourself. I don’t see what you did being wrong. I’m a huge starwars fan and if I ever saw anything on the net with starwars mentioned I just didn’t read on. For instance i watch twitch tv a lot and just would have the chat closed. It’s not like you spoiled something first then said oh yea this in starwars. You clearly started out mentioning starwars. Therefore anyone who read beyond that is 100% their own fault. No need to defend yourself my friend when you did nothing wrong.

    As usual thanks for the chapter DB! Hope the fam is doing well.

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