☯ ISSTH Chapter 379 ☯

Chinese is a tonal language, which means that pronouncing a single syllable in the wrong tone can lead to huge mistakes. Just such a mistake occurred to me over the weekend. I wanted to say the word “dà pī shēng chǎn” which means “mass production” or literally “great amounts production.” Unfortunately, for the second syllable “pi,” I said it in the fourth tone instead of the first tone, like this: “dà pì shēng chǎn.” The result was that instead of saying “great amounts production” I actually said “great farts production.” Needless to say that led to some laughter on the part of the listeners and a bright red face for me…. T__T

Chapter 379: Offers
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This is the first sponsored chapter of the week. P.S. This is an abnormally short chapter sorry…. -__-

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  1. HAHAHA I can imagine all the weird things that would be said due to the different tones XD At least you didn’t say something of the same category as “great amounts prostitution” right? (I went for a ‘similar’ word to production because I don’t know Chinese… ^^;)

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Seems like it’s very easy to embarrass yourself in China… Just wear a green hat and everyone will laugh at you.. Pronounce one syllable incorrectly… 😀

  3. TYVM for the chapter!

    haha ik exactly how you feel. I was with some chinese exchange students in grad school and they taught me a little chinese. One time I went to ask one of them if they had already eaten, and they thought I was cursing them (sounded something like: ‘chirl li ma’).

    Really looking forward to the next chapter, hopefully he can clear up the misunderstanding (he is already apprentice of pill demon, and must stay in black lands).

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