☯ ISSTH Chapter 371 ☯

For me, this will be the last chapter of 2015. It’s hard to believe that I released the first chapter of ISSTH on May 18, barely more than half a year ago. Seems like much longer than that! 371 chapters in 2015… let’s see how many chapters there will be in 2016! If you follow my release posts, you might remember that I said my work schedule will be changing next year. That means that the number of chapters per week will hopefully increase. Thank you, dear readers, for all your comments on the chapters! Thank you sponsors for your amazing support! Thanks to the team for all your help! Thanks to Baby Deathblade for being the cutest Cultivator in history! Alright, enough of that stuff. See you next year! Now go read:

Chapter 371: Concocting a Nascent Soul like Concocting Pills!
Translator: Deathblade
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  1. “That means that the number of chapters per week will hopefully increase.”

    We’re already getting 14 chapters a week, and we’re getting MORE?

    It’ll be a happy new year for all of us, it seems!

  2. I’m really looking forward to ur chapters in 2016.

    Thank u so much for the chapter, Deathblade, Madam Deathblade, John Rogers, anonpuffs, Lingson, MemeBoo, Yascob, joeljbright, Zoe-chelsea Okungbowa, Pedro Pulido, Michelle Blanco, Jesper Rasmussen and also Baby DeathBlade.

  3. Thanks for all those who have worked on theses chapters in 2015, i’m sad i couldn’t support you guys because 2015 have been harsh on me when it come to money, but hopefully next year will be better and i will be able to donate.

  4. Happy New Year everyone!!! It’s been great reading your translations DB. ISSTH is fairly unique flavour of Xianxia and I’m so grateful to you for helping us share in it. 2015 Wuxiaworld’s year of ascent! What heights will 2016 bring!!

  5. Hehe~ I remember picking and dropping this novel three times. After the fourth time, I never dropped it again. Was worth all the complexity. Thank you so much for all the chapters, Deathblade. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a beautiful new year

  6. It’s been a great year knowing wuxiaworld and especially ISSTH. Hope 2016 will be even more awesome!
    Thank you patriarch, matriarch, fellow Daoists and little junior Baby Deathblade for giving us who aren’t familiar with the Chinese language the chance to know the amazing scholar Meng Hao and the ups and downs of his journey to greatness…


  7. Thank you DB and Thank you Baby DB for being the cutest little cultivator I’ve seen in a very long time it’s been a wonderful year, Let’s make next year just as good!
    Happy New Year

  8. Thank you very much for all the chapters, it’s been a great joy reading ISSTH. Happy new year to all fellow Daoists, may your cultivations soar in the skies of 2016!

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