☯ ISSTH Chapter 368 ☯

I have to be totally honest… it’s only recently that I have been watching the One Punch Man anime. Also, I haven’t read the manga at all…. Without revealing any spoilers, are there any Fellow Daoists who would care to comment about the TV show?

Chapter 368: Secret Dragoneer Technique
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  1. see first of all the one version of manga was out because no one wanted to publish it..the writer gave all the early ‘raws’ of that manga and published directly on site..then it received a lot of admiration although the manga had very bad art..i mean they are raws..then they actually published by giving it a better artist and the story teller being one-sensei..became awesome in few days…now its anime tho being underestimated by many, when they start it they directly ask when the next season is coming..so well that’s it…no spoilers…being a one punch man fan myself i cannot run it for another to be fan..

  2. It’s brilliant. I find it a wonderful parody on the concept of what a hero is. Saitama literally doesn’t care for the normal reasons and drives that other heroes have for being a hero. He’s “a hero for hobby” and what takes the cake, is no matter how nonchalant he is and how pumped up other villains or heroes are, he’s stronger than them all. How angry must they be to beaten by someone so apathetic, and how frustrating it must be to acknowledge that despite all your spent blood and tears, this boring dude couldn’t care less and can crush you too.

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