☯ ISSTH Chapter 365 ☯

Special official video of Lord Fifth (including his voice!), as well as Xu Qing and Chu Yuyan…. after the jump!

Chapter 365: A Grand Scam
Translator: Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob
Memes: MemeBoo
Meme Archives: Yascob, joeljbright
Sponsors: Rohit Tamu, Esteban Santiago, Valera McDaniel and Anonymous

Er Gen recently released a new product with AR cards of some ISSTH characters. I, of course, bought all of them, as you can see here.

On the left you can see a five elements design (it also has other things in it). Not sure if this is custom created for ISSTH, or just copied from somewhere.

Cards which are not “spoiler” cards include Xu Qing, Chen Fan, Chu Yuyan, the Mastiff, and Lord Fifth. No, there is no Meng Hao card……… There are other cards which I won’t mention…


Each character says something and also has two attack abilities. If you put two characters together, they can fight each other. I apologize for the horrible quality, in the future I’ll try to do a better job. The below videos were all I could do today, in the future I’ll upload more.

Here is Lord Fifth saying “Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life!” He sounds exactly as you might expect a parrot to sound lol.

Here are Lord Fifth’s two attacks

I decided the best possible fight to start out with would be Xu Qing v. Chu Yuyan. This particular fight ended in a tie. I had them fight later and Xu Qing won, so I guess each match is unique.

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  1. ohh cool I am the first too leave a comment. I really like those cards xD


    where do I buy thoes cards as a not mandarin speaking person?

  2. This is my first time commenting here so Thank you so much for translating this novel and i also really wanna say thanks to Deathblade,Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs,Lingson, MeeBoo,Yascob,MemeBoo,Yascob, joeljbright,Rohit Tamu, Esteban Santiago, Valera McDaniel and Anonymous

    I really love ur detailed perfect translation, Deathblade. As soon as i get a job i’m certainly gonna donate here.

    I saw the above video. is that the game of issth and also where can i buy those cards? Please help me out

    1. Hi, I’m glad you are enjoying the translation. Right now, the cards can only be bought using the “WeChat” app. Although that app can be used outside of China, the purchasing method pretty much only works inside of China. I will see what I can do to remedy the situation……

          1. Also, the art is the same as the art that has already been released in the art thread on the forums.

  3. Grandmaster Deathblade your Dao of translation can shock heavens and rock the earth, this fellow Daoist from junior generation as no words to express how amazing your Dao is. Thank you for the chapter

    1. i still don’t get how they work though. damn it you had to go and Pique my interest now i have to research research research on how they work or i can’t sleep easy.

      1. AR stands for Augmented Reality I think. Not sure how it works, and I’ll likely research about it later, but I think the idea is

        [1] camera captures a picture, which is converted into some color matrices (likely RGB format)
        [2] scan the matrices to recognize certain boundaries, and then certain patterns. Not sure how many scans, but it depends on their sorting algorithm to find the boundaries, if any, and patterns, if any. Likely 3 scans at least: 1 for boundaries, 1 for small key patterns, 1 for rearrangement to find entire pattern.
        [3] It’s likely that you have to download some packets for the animations. And it shows the appropriate animations if it finds the patterns, which are the cards.

        It’s probably more complex, but I think this is the basic idea of how to do it.

        1. oh don’t worry i pretty much researched for these past hours non stop got the general concept and a little bit of programming part behind it, though considering it is no where near what i understand on codes i can’t do anything about that. meh 3d just isn’t my thing i guess too freaking complicated >___>

          thanks for the post though 🙂

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