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So, it’s not just me that has noticed the complaints about this (hilarious) Zhou Dekun story arc. Regarding that subject, the extremely insightful Fellow Daoist Josh Argonza has created what might possibly by the funnies video I’ve seen this entire year. Be careful, it has bad language, as well as a relatively major spoiler between 2:10-2:23. If you don’t like spoilers, close your eyes for a few seconds during that part, and you will be fine (don’t get too wrapped up and forget). You can watch the video here on youtube.

Regarding this mini-arc, if you’re not digging it, or are wondering what the point of the whole thing is, see the info after the jump for a clue. NOT a spoiler, but a clue that is already out there in the open…. Also, I’ve made the sneak peek a bit longer than usual. For better or worse. Wahahaha.

P.S. I made a slight change to a name from chapter 362. Re-read that chapter at your own discretion.

Chapter 363: A First Glimpse at the Five Elements
Translator: Deathblade
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Many thanks to all the Fellow Daoists for bringing the seventh and final sponsored chapter of the week!….

It’s not as obvious in English as it is in Chinese, but it’s not impossible to connect the title of this chapter with the title of book 4….

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  1. Nice video, made me crack up. Something ISSTH has not made me do for a long time. The chapter in which he heard Wu Dingqiu scream for having been duped and then running for nearly a month or something was a real cherry on top of a cake event for all the comedy I have read in any of these xianxia genre books. I think many people will agree that after early funny chapters there has not been much comedy in ISSTH.

    1. It depends on what you find funny. I don’t find Lord Fifth very funny for instance. I do find misunderstandings funny so several of the recent chapters have been amusing to me, especially Hanxue Shan trying to be kind to Meng Hao.

      1. of course you don’t find lord fifth funny you are trying to convert him.
        Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!

  2. I’m enjoying the arc. One of the reasons I like ISSTH is that not everything comes down to physical combat. I like that Meng Hao is trying to not destroy his friend’s reputation. I could go on… probably like what the video does but I’m passing on it because I don’t like spoilers. 🙂

  3. To be fair, Meng Hao kills and slaughters just as much as every other MC and is just as arrogant and smart when the time needs be…..

    Er Gen just writes it a lot better than most authors 😛

    And rather than lack of faith in Er Gen…. I think people just hated others hating on Meng Hao and Meng Hao not increasing his harem 😛

    1. but is he really?? more then MGA mc? and meng hao isn’t really ruthless per se more like he is decisive. wouldn’t you kill the person who tries to kill you? self defense is really the only thing he does.

        1. Well, Meng learned his lesson the hard way in book1, I guess you didn’t :O. It isn’t the point that they’re weaker or stronger than him, it’s about uprooting the weeds after cutting them. Leaving enemies who harbors hatred for him, strong or weak, would just bring unnecessary and unpredictable dangers to him in the future. After all, they might be weak then, but who knows what happens in future.

          For ex., Patriarch Rubicund, Pockmarks, and Big-head were weaker than Meng, and were fleeing but they all harbor thoughts of revenge, along the line of recuperating and spreading info that Meng could concoct golden pills.

        2. well then you die after becoming a cultivator pretty damn fast. what our friend Obsession pointed out about them harboring evil intentions is spot on. you don’t kill the guy that attacked you and let him live(even the weak ones) they come back with someone stronger OR they themselves become stronger and become a thorn in your side in the near future. so really someone comes at you with intention to kill you drop them pure and simple. and if you pay attention there is a war going on in black lands at the moment so having enemies at this particular time is BAD…

    2. Mang Hao really doesn’t kill like other MC’s. And one of the most annoying parts of other Xunia is like with Yun Che, he starts off as someone unassuming and knows when to yield because he is weaker. Then, without really any sort of special event, he becomes a 100% ruthless killer with perfect killing intent and no hesitation, instantly beheading mass amounts of people and tearing out their family by the roots. Meng Hao goes through a lot of life lessons and and is very predisposed to not killing, and slowly learns the hard way they people with intent to kill him must be removed as they are a threat to him and the ones he cares about. And he never mass genocides people while being a monstrous hypocrite. Other novels just say “oh well, laws of the jungle” without much reasonable order in the world. Were as with Meng Hao, there was more logical encounters and fights and the lame excuse of law of the jungle wasn’t in effect until he entered the black lands. Anyway I could go on for days, but Meng Hao really isn’t like other MC’s. You would need to generalize way too vaguely to compare.

      1. Not sure how far you read into ATG but Yun Che isn’t the best example of this since there are reasons for his killer instinct. Lets just say that he’s been a mass murderer from the start so him killing people constantly actually lines up with his character.

        1. well he didn’t mean exactly that, what he meant was that generally such as ATG and MGA go on killing spree and kill everyone so we shouldn’t compare meng hao with them (ruthless means “having or showing no pity or compassion for others.”) but meng hao shows pity and compassion (let that western cultivator go) so labeling meng hao from this novel to others that i mentioned is just wrong. so using the word “ruthless” to describe this MC is wrong as doesn’t go on killing people he just defends himself.

          1. I agree with his overall sentiment. The only part that I was disagreeing with was this statement

            “And one of the most annoying parts of other Xunia is like with Yun Che, he starts off as someone unassuming and knows when to yield because he is weaker. Then, without really any sort of special event, he becomes a 100% ruthless killer with perfect killing intent and no hesitation, instantly beheading mass amounts of people and tearing out their family by the roots.”

            This is an obviously false statement, Yun Che did start off as an unassuming dude up until he was reincarnated and took the body of the Yun Che we know today. At this point, the new Yun Che was the soul of someone who had used poison gas to kill countless people in his past life. Saying he became a killing machine without any “special event” is a bullshit statement, just calling the dude out.

            In anycase, I agree that Mang Hao is written differently then other MC’s. The biggest offender of having ridiculous killing intent that woulda have been a good example is the MC of MGA, he just had killing intent from nothing.

          2. well i got no idea about MGA and ATG novels as i don’t read harem on general principle so i take your word for it as i know nothing about it.i just have general info about those novels from the comments people make about them every so often.sorry 🙁

          3. No worries, I didn’t mean to come off like I was chastising you or anything, just think people should hate on novels for the right reasons. I enjoy MGA and ATG not for the harems but for the training and power advancement the characters go through. Ignoring the garbage harem aspect makes the novels a lot better.

        2. Indeed, I was describing Chu Feng. Just a mix up of names, I meant the guy from MGA not ATG. All these Chinese names… Sometimes you get too many in your head to keep them straight.

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