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    1. I have been here since the start this was truly a long journey.
      I may have failed to get even 1 first in the last 15 but I enjoyed every bit of this.
      my thanks to all who took part in bringing this to us.

      1. I must have missed it somehow. D:

        Edit: I see it now, it was at the end of 1614. xD I went to the commentaries, then to the next chapter, then here, and didn’t read it until now.

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    It was one heck of ride, I’m glad to have made it with all of you fellow daoist!

    Thanks again Patriarch for your wonderful translation!

  2. Could I make a suggestion? Rather than go right back to translating AWE after this, could you maybe help Rex out on Renegade Immortal? I love ISSTH, but I had to drop it around the twelve hundreds because it was getting into spoiler territory for Renegade Immortal, and I’ve promised myself not to resume until I’ve read all of Wang Lin’s story.

  3. Congratulations on finishing this gemstone, I’m sure it did cost you a lot of time and energy.

    Off I go, need to drown that big fat hole ISSTH left in my soul with alcohol!

  4. What a long but incredible joyous journey we have gone on. I first came WW for Coiling Dragon, then due to accidental reading Renegade Immortal manhua version, I discovered about Er Gen and his works. Sadly, Renegade Immortal novel version when thru different translators and several hiatus in translation, that I started on reading ISSTH. Now, this great adventure has ended now as I pondered about Deathblade next translations, I think I will once again picked up Renegade Immortal!
    Thank You, Deathblade, Madam Deathblade and Baby Deathblade!

  5. Thank you for the memories.
    Thank you for being one of the first things that I can actually feel for.
    I don’t often show emotion, so thank you for the memories.

    My best wishes to you Deathblade, and Er Gen.

  6. Thank you so much for the chapter Patriach DeathBlade sama, Madam Deathblade sama, GNE, CC, Tsukihime,
    Logan, JerryDaBaws and finally, Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade sama.

    Thank you so much guys. Have a Wonderful Life.

  7. Where did i go wrong i lost a friend somewhere along in the bitternes.
    Is everybody prepared for that empty void in your heart ?
    Haowie GL

  8. Well i catched up and after 2 years with this beautiful story, i can only say… wonderful ending, genius novel and thank you so much for the hard work. Only becouse you decided to translate this profound piece of literature, could we experience its magic. So thank you very much and have a blessed life. I will continue to read the other translations and of course your original work. I hope that one day I can resolve the karmic connetion we have woven… 😉

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