☯ ISSTH Chapter 1089 ☯

Hi, I’m happy to announce that I’ve been working on some custom art for a very cool T-shirt. Check it out here. There are other products besides T-shirts, so feel free to browse around. There are two designs available in the shop, the cool art was done by Mario Saggia, an ISSTH fan and amazing artist who you can find on Facebook or DeviantArt.

Chapter 1089. Translator: Deathblade. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreader: GNE and Courtrecords. Memes: Shu. Meme Archives: JerryDaBaws. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

This is the 8th chapter of the week.

18 thoughts on “☯ ISSTH Chapter 1089 ☯” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. The t-shirts are honelstly not that good looking ..
    Only readers of chinese novels will know what the Mount Tai referenz means and to explain it each time someone asks? … Not the best way of introducing them into the world of chinese literature
    And the bashful logo does look .. interesting, but it doesn’t really fit the t-shirt colour and design its on …
    Just my opinion though

    1. I agree, without being too cruel to the arist, Meng Hao is supposed to be very handsome, but he doesn’t look it in that drawing.

      As for the Mt. Tai, I like it, its simply and it doesnt matter if every single person gets it or not, its just some fun for yourself.

  2. well, i like the idea of t-shirts, but honestly i did not like the available models. i was hoping that there was a shirt with a draw of planet east victory (and the patriarch), or maybe of the nine montains and seas, or even an image of mang hao’s imortal ascension, with the imortal palaces and all. i would buy for sure

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