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  1. Deathblade is too much of a troll. I just checked the volare polls for the extra chapters.

    What is the difference between wuxia and xianxia?
    (Other stuff)
    Wuxia focuses on martial arts, xianxia focuses on cultivating magic and immortality.
    You can read wuxia on wuxiaworld, but have to go to xianxiaworld for xianxia.

    I kept going back and forth between these two, only thing that kept me back from going with the troll answer was that AWE is too good.

    While we are on the poll topic, in case anyone hasn’t read ISSTH for some reason but wants to answer the other questions, there was no flying silk in ISSTH and there was no Shangguan Chen in either novel.

  2. I was stalking wuxiaoworld since 2015 without single comment but now i logged just to thank you for continuing these series as it is one of my favorite.

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