☯ AWE Chapter 87 ☯

Hey everyone, I’m switching back to the symbol I used for ISSTH for release posts! I think it’s the best one!

Chapter 87

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  1. Yes it’s definitely the best, but I have that strange feeling when I look at it and expect ISSTH. Almost feels sacrilegious to use it for another novel. Still, those are only my strange inner feelings, I’m totally okay with you using it for this novel too. (not that my opinion matters in any shape or form, as I’m just 1 guy,)

  2. Yes the symbol is the best keep it up I’m waiting for some more chapters before I start reading cuz I can read like 200 chapters in 4 hours and it’s not worth it atm if the quantity isn’t enough:D

  3. why dont you talk in the posts like you used to :(? i remember before each chapter i will read a little about the baby or something else that is going on in your life. now its just “here is the chapter”. where is passion!!

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