☯ AWE Chapter 335 ☯

Hey everyone, even if you don’t read AWE, you might be interested in joining me and Xiao Lai on Friday at 9:00 p.m. EST for a discussion about Qi, spiritual energy, and auras. What are those things, why are the translated the way they are, what exactly do they look like, how do they function, etc. Not only is Xiao Lai a translator here on WW, he’s also a student of Chinese medicine, with a lot more insight into the subject than me. Mark your calendars! Here is the landing page!

Chapter 335 

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  1. I used to think those old Chinese shows of ‘wisps of energy rising from the body’ was hyperbole until I had a morning march when I was in the army. That was when I saw steam rising from people’s bodies for real. Apparently, the cool, moist morning air turns to very noticeable steam when it hits a body overheated by exertion. I won’t be surprised if the ancient Chinese saw the steam rising from someone’s body and called it Qi.

    It was also the time I did a massive re-evaluation of my opinion of Chinese beliefs like Qi. Nothing like seeing it for yourself (hell, I was emitting steam myself at that time) to change something from “nah, it’s just a superstitious belief’ to ‘wow, so this is what they mean’. Learned not to pass judgement too fast from then on. Find out, then shoot, not shoot then find out you were wrong. Less embarrassing.

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