☯ AWE Chapter 323 ☯

Have you ever wondered why sizes and distances in xianxia novels seem so unrealistic? Check out my video here, with exclusive input from Er Gen himself!

Chapter 323 

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  1. I watched the video, and laughed.
    In Coiling Dragon, look at how big the sea between continents is when Linley goes to the higher realms. They’re flying in a creature that moves near or at the speed of light, for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. It takes 8 minutes for the sunlight to reach the Earth. So how far of a distance is this sea across? How large were the ‘higher’ realms in Coiling Dragon?
    Using worlds in ISSTH that aren’t nearly the largest I’ve seen is odd. I remember someone doing the math on one of the planets in Swallowed Star. They said that if you placed the planet where the sun is, it would reach Jupiter in just the radius. That’s only halfway through the planet in a straight line.

  2. I don’t understand why people get so worked up about this kind of stuff. It’s a friggin’ fantasy, do you think that cosmic cubes are realistic? Or that a child can create a microverse and use it to resurrect his family. Perhaps you think a man can live in the sun for a million years become immortal and be able to give/take some of his power to his descendants (and then use an attack on his life to resurrect his dead for ~1million years wife)?

    Enjoy the story as it is

  3. it’s funny that people are complaining about the size of things not being realistic in chinese novels when things in western stories are just as bad. look at the Marvel and DC versions of earth they have people with extraordinary abilities fighting crime daily and yet crime is still a big issue this is mainly because the average intelligence in these worlds are way higher than real world people. don’t believe me check how many superheroes/villains who were normal people and yet one day they decided i’m gonna build a thing that will make me a superhero/villain. the villains are the worst because they get caught arrested their “thing” is taken if able and when they get out they are able to build another one within a day despite having no money, no job and access to the most basic materials/tools. yes i’m just out of prison and i’m going to remake my signature ray gun out of a blender, a scarf and some spoons then immediate rob a bank instead of getting a job where my skills can be useful and yet despite these worlds with superior intelligence are still struggling with modern problems despite certain heroes/villains having technology that can solve those very problems.
    point is the entire fantasy genre is supposed to be unrealistic if it had any basis-ism in reality it wouldn’t be fantasy it would be a world goal.

  4. this people talking about fantasy novel and asking about logical explanations, its just like a grown up talking to children how to manage time, money and the way of life. when i’m a kid, i used to do kamehameha every morning and believe it to be real, people think it’s crazy, but i like what i believe and thats all that matters

  5. Tbh im more annoyed at sound being faster than light or having the same speed in some of these novels, including issth( planet whatever where he was following behind slaughter and traveling through time and then seeing himself)
    Im not even that annoyed at sound traveling through void, even starwars does that.

    Then again DE measures are just…

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