☀LDK CH318☀

4/5 weekly + 13 debt + 2 bonus.

Exams got me stressed as hell. Next chapter’s about halfway done. It might get added to the debt. Well, I’ll definitely clear the damn debt once my exams are over. Or something. We’ll see.

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Translator: Ruze
Editors: Moonclipse

LDK Chapter 318

4 thoughts on “☀LDK CH318☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Dude as someone who is experiencing one hell of an exam week, don’t worry about it. People should always at least be understanding of the phrase “exam week”. Tis a horror that shakes a person to their very core

  2. Speaking as someone who never stressed over exams, I really can’t empathize here.

    All I can say is please come back soon, this has quickly become my favorite novel over the last week or two.

  3. Focus on your Exams, I’m stressed out that my exams start soon, even worse I have to review my Spanish notes O.O, wish you luck.

    ~Legendary Leech

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