☀LDK CH223☀ + More Official Douluo Dalu and LDK Art!

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Translator: Ruze
Editors: Moonclipse

LDK Chapter 223

Continue reading for more official art from both Douluo Dalu and LDK!

The following four pieces of art are from the LDK game!

I have no idea who the two dudes in the front are.


Gu Yue, Random Dude, Tang Wulin.
Wu Zhangkong, Na’er, Future dude.


Future character, Xie Xie, Future Character.
Some girl, Ye Xinglan, Xu Xiaoyan.


Here’s what looks to be character design art for Tang San in the upcoming Douluo Dalu animation!

This is art of Xiao Wu I found on TJSS’s weibo!


12 thoughts on “☀LDK CH223☀ + More Official Douluo Dalu and LDK Art!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. The art of Tang San looks great! Though not really ‘ordinary’ looking enough, Tang San shouldn’t be pretty and have dark hair at the same time.

      1. He was actually described as very aver age and ordinary in looks till something happens and his hair is no longer dark after that don’t really want to explain here for people that haven’t read that far yet but thats signspace was probably referring to and I agree xp

    1. Gotta say some girl reminds me of Alice from Alice in wonderland, which makes her more special, though it was nice seeing Tang Wulin and Xie Xie

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