☀LDK CH221☀ + Douluo Dalu Animation Pics!

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Translator: Ruze
Editors: Moonclipse

LDK Chapter 221

Continue reading for pictures from the Douluo Dalu animation!

20 thoughts on “☀LDK CH221☀ + Douluo Dalu Animation Pics!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Yes but he was also muscular, and not particularly pretty, ergo if this is supposed to be tang San it is wrong. Could be sausage monopoly Oscar because he is described as being the prettiest of the devils pre transformation, and also has peach blossom eyes like the depicted character but he does look older than 15 which is when approximately tang San transforms and Oscar gets scarred.

        1. He was average-looking before his first awakening. It was after his first awakening that he ‘inherited’ his mom’s blue hair, blue eyes, and gorgeous looks. It was even described that he became more good-looking than Oscar.
          That’s why when I saw how ‘pretty’ this Tang San was, I assumed it was him after his first awakening, which was why I mentioned the wrong hair and eye color.
          Also, I don’t recall Tang San being described as muscular. He was tall, yes, but nothing like Dai Mubai.

          1. Before his awakening he is described as muscular and tan due to the fact he spent a lot of time forging, which developed his muscles. I don’t mean like steroid abuser muscles, more rugby player.

      1. Unless you haven’t read til the current translated chapters, Tang San becomes even better looking than pretty boy Oscar after his first awakening. So… yep, Its not entirely surprising that this could be Tang San but just… the hair and eye color are all wrong.

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