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Five left this week!

So, I just spent the last two hours trying to kill a god damn fly buzzing about in my room. The stupid thing wouldn’t exit my room even though I left my door wide open. I tried whipping it with a shirt to no avail and ended up just using said shirt like a net to capture it. So basically, fuck flies. And bugs. And mosquitoes. God, I miss winter.
Anyway, I’m still on track for reducing my chapter debt by one this week.

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LDK Chapter 215

7 thoughts on “☀LDK CH215☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’ve been there. Flies are the things I seriously hate because of how annoying they are. The electric fly swatter my parents got is so useful. It doesn’t need the normal momentum of a swatter to squish the fly. I just need contact and can electrocute the damn thing to death.

  2. hi there. i am an expert at killing flies. i usually use a thin notebook or pad paper, which would let the item bend like a flyswatter but still hard enough to kill a fly.

    to kill a fly, swat it like u would using a flyswatter, not just slamming it. the notebook has to bend from your momentum…(if u know what i mean…) for some reason, flies get caught because of the bending effect by swatting it. also, aim for it from behind, preferably while the fly is on a flat surface, and cover the area around the fly and some of the area in front of it. the fly always flies straight from its standing postion. hope this helps you. there are a lot of flies and i have used our thin notebooks to kill countless numbers of them. no joke. 😉

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