☀COL Volume 8: Chapter 6☀

Some changes in terminology: The demon King that wants to invade the world is now Monster King instead. In the future chapters, where Demon King is mentioned, it refers to the position in the demon race and has nothing to do with the Monster King that the Gods had fought against. I’ll be retroactively changing the term once I find some time.

Here’s the second regular chapter of the week. Enjoy!

Volume 8: Chapter 6

Translator: Miki
TLC: Ruze
Editors: gcp42487, dillsterX, breach_akk

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    1. That’s cause the character used for the “monster” part is 鬼. It could also be ghost king, but that doesn’t have the same connotation. Devil then? Nope. It’s too similar to Demon. As for Evil King or Dark King, that would be a bit too liberal for our TL style. Hence Monster King.

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