☀COL Volume 8: Chapter 3☀

Zhang Gong, you goof.

Volume 8: Chapter 3

Translator: Miki
TLC: Ruze, metalith
Editors: Hybrid121, gcp42487, metalith
Sponsors: Caleb G.

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  1. First, we had the 5 years blank, right after Zhang Gong won his battle against Hai Shui. A few chapters after that, we get told that during the blank, Zhang Gong started considering Hai Shui like his little sister. But how are we supposed to know that, the only interaction we had between them was a fight.

    Then, Zhang Gong uses a forbidden spell when the palace is attacked by the magic race assassins. Is a battlefield a good place to try a very difficult spell ? Not in my opinion.
    Since light magic is lethal to the magic race, a good old defensive spell would have been enough. But nooooo, “let’s try a forbidden spell, i might fail and waste all of my (And the other magister) magic energy but other than that, nothing bad should happen, it’s not like our side was already losing to the assassins… Oh wait. Meh, let’s try the forbidden spell anyway. YOLO”.

    Afterwards, Mu Zi goes “Yeah okay, you killed 200 of my people but i still love you” and then “I’m a princess, i have responsibilities toward my people”. Isn’t this very contradictory ?

    And now, our dear Zhang Gong decides to cultivate. Where ? The village one and only forbidden place. And i hear you saying “But doesn’t… Zhang Gong cultivate by sleeping..?” To which i answer “That’s what i thought too, but we need him to go to the waterfall, we have to find a reason, even if it isn’t logical at all ! “.

    This is only my opinion, from me, main character of my life, nobody in your life, but i feel like the story isn’t very consistent. And it keeps getting worst by the chapter. I’m liking Combat Continent (douluo dalu) very much but for this one, I feel like the author was in a “i’m writing this story to pass time”, it’s a nice story to read, but you won’t be refreshing WuxiaWorld every hour for this story. (Again, just my unwanted opinion)

    Anyway, this is my first comment in WuxiaWorld, and i have to say that i’m lovin it. I’ll soon apply to join the outer cercle of the F5 sect. Please give me some pointers. Peace 😀

    1. For context of why the quality is the way it is, this was TJSS’s very first novel. DD was his 10th or something like that. You can clearly see the foundations in TJSS’s writing style in this story. Alas, he wasn’t too good at plot points yet.

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