☀COL Volume 7: Chapter 9☀

Happy Lunar New Year! Sorry about any inconveniences that the riddles may have caused anyone. Unfortunately I was unable to access a computer and could only add links hidden in plain sight to unlocked chapters on my mobile, thus I couldn’t switch to our backup game. However, all chapters are unlocked now and we will never have a riddle game again.

Without a further ado, here’s the next game that will continue on the the rest of this (very short) volume.

Each chapter will be posted n x 15 minutes after the previous release. “n” is an integer between 1-10. The first three commentators on the release post can guess a number. If they guess the correct number, then the chapter will be released immediately.


Volume 7: Chapter 9

Translator: Miki
TLC: Ruze
Editors: Jacob, Liza, gcp42487

Answers for the riddles:

Volume 7: Chapter 1 – “Gravity”
Volume 7: Chapter 2 – “Wedding Ring”
Volume 7: Chapter 3 – “13”
Volume 7: Chapter 4 – “Magikarp” (Thanks Pika!)
Volume 7: Chapter 5 – “Lunch+Dinner”
Volume 7: Chapter 6 – “24” (Thanks Thyaeria!)
Volume 7: Chapter 7 – “Blue Paint”
Volume 7: Chapter 8 – “Mercury”

19 thoughts on “☀COL Volume 7: Chapter 9☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I didn’t like it, but for others reasons. From what I understood, most of the riddles where terribly simple, and pretty much every English speaker heard them at least once when he was a child, but for the one who don’t have English has main language (like me), it was pretty hard.

      1. still you could bypass the lock if you just change the chapter number after figuring out the first one. that what i did i got bored of the riddles so i just skipped them lol. dont particularly hate or like them they’re just there.

        1. It’s what I did, but it’s pretty boring to do it? (Joker for chapter 3, I understood immediately that it was binary, but since I don’t know binary had to google it has a lot of people).

  1. The Riddle game was only annoying as hell because it was not usuable on mobile. That was the annoying part of it. The riddles could easily be googled if you had half a brain. I was merely annoyed because I saw all these great chapters after being left at a cliffhanger only to not be able to read them.

  2. It was very unexpected and fun with the riddle game. usually dont have patience for riddles, but with these chapters as insipiration it was really good. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Tho i really hated the riddles because of
    A) no access on mobile
    B) had to be logged in and i absolutly couldnt remember the account
    C) magikarp was spelled wrong in the title 😀

    I dont think its necessary a bad idea.
    Maybe some really easy riddles related to the LN (i.a Name of the first friend or crush) or an 1-2 hours pre release together with the riddle so that everyone atleast knows when he can read it too, if he doesnt want to participate in the game, might be worth a chance.

    Then again thank you for the chapters and good work!

    ~ writing on mobile – as bad as always ~

  4. Worked perfectly fine for me on mobile. Jst had to go back to the link after typing un the password.

    Should have more events like these in the future. I enjoy seeing people squirm

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