☀COL Volume 7: Chapter 8☀

Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s part VIII of our little game!

The answer to this riddle is the key to accessing this (temporarily locked) chapter! The first letter of each word is capitalized. You must be logged for the password to work.

“I’m teary-eyed but never cry.
Silver-tongued, but never lie.
Double-winged, but never fly.
Air-cooled, but never dry.
What am I?”

7 letter answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Please do not comment with the answer or any hints!

Volume 7: Chapter 8

Translator: Miki
TLC: Ruze
Editors: Jacob, Liza, Alec

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22 thoughts on “☀COL Volume 7: Chapter 8☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I am not sure if I should say this, but did no one recognize the change in the link after figuring out the pw? if you adjust it a little u could read without solving the riddle …

    Found it fun for the first 3 chapters or so, but got rly frustrated when i tried to enter the german name for magikarp many times believing my spelling was wrong (i rly thought pokemon are named the same in every language TT)…

    1. I did the same from the first. Don’t like stupid riddles, but I did like the game. So let them play. It’s not like we are the only ones who did this obvious shit.
      Tho mouses were trown in a bucket of milk. At the start both mouses were trying to get up, but after a time the first mouse has gave up and died. But the second mouse didn’t. He continued to struggle until he made that milk into butter and escaped. You are the second mouse.

  2. Riddle for chapter 6 was a good password hint but a failure as a riddle. It was given that the answer is 2 digits in length. Unfortunately, the answer of 24 should have been disregarded as the same logic can also yield an answer of 33. You can eliminate the actual unit of time seconds because of leap years and that the answer is shown to have 2 digits. However, the logic to get “24” from the 2nd and 22nd of each of the twelve months can also be applied to yield “33” from the 2, 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, 72, 82, 92, 102, 122, 132, 142, 152, 162, 172, 182, 192, 202, 222, 232, 242, 252, 262, 272, 282, 292, 302, 322, 332, 342, 352, and 362 days of the year. This means that that logic should have been discarded as a riddle should only have 1 answer (frowny face). That would leave us with 12 (2nd day of each month) and 1 (2nd day of the year). 1 is discarded because it is a single digit, leaving us with the obvious answer of 12, which would make it a poor riddle. Alternately, the answer could be 24+33-overlapping days. However, leap years eliminate these answer. There are 2 overlapping days in January, 1 in April (the 112 falls on April 22 so no overlap), and 2 in March in a regular year for a total of 5 overlaps. In a leap year there are 2 overlap days in January and 2 in March for a total of 4. This yields 52 seconds in a regular year, 53 in a leap year, and 57 if you ignore overlaps. Ignoring overlaps for 57 is illogical as the seconds we refer to are days and 1 apple plus the same apple still leaves you with that 1 apple. All unsatisfying answers. Which leave the annoying 12. I have too much time on my hands…

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