☀COL Volume 7: Chapter 7☀

Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s part VII of our little game!

The answer to this riddle is the key to accessing this (temporarily locked) chapter! The first letter of each word is capitalized. You must be logged for the password to work.

“What’s blue but smells like red paint?”

2 word answer with a space in between. 4 letter word then a 5 letter word.: _ _ _ _ [space] _ _ _ _ _
Please do not comment with the answer or any hints!

Volume 7: Chapter 7

Translator: Miki
TLC: Ruze
Editors: Liza, Alec, Jacob

Previous Answers:

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Unlocked version available when this post is highlighted.


17 thoughts on “☀COL Volume 7: Chapter 7☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Here’s a interesting little fact. Due to some random bug, I could read chapter 8…..which you have yet to make public..nice little piece of info…also on the comment of chap 8…..Aww damn Mu Zi is cute as hell

  2. i’m surprised they keep doing this seems like its turning off people from the ln which is the opposite of what a translator should want but meh guess common sense should be expected from people on the internet

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