☀COL Volume 7: Chapter 3☀

Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s part III of our little game!

The answer to this riddle is the key to accessing this (temporarily locked) chapter! The first letter is capitalized. You must be logged for the password to work.

“What is 1101?”

2 symbol answer: _ _
Please do not comment with the answer or any hints!

Volume 7: Chapter 3

Translator: Miki
TLC: Ruze
Editors: Liza, Kiseki, gcp42487

Previous Answers:

Volume 7: Chapter 1 – “Gravity”

P.S – Sorry to all those who are unable to access it on mobile or are unable to figure out the answer! Unfortunately for those inconvenienced, there will be so more riddles. However, there will be many more chapters coming up which will all be unlocked in 24 hours. I hope you can all bear with this little game for another day. A unlocked version is available when this post is highlighted.


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  1. I am guessing you didn’t read my last post or didn’t care. I love the book and your riddles are not to hard but I am done. I don’t like being forced to do anything. If you persist in putting riddles up I will start posting the answers to each and everyone. This is my last warning to you read my other post and think about it.

          1. I appreciate the message (I’ve said similar things several times already today), but you should see some of his other posts. I started responding to him in a reasonable manner, but he’s just transformed from annoyed reader to small-time troll. My responses have changed to keep pace with his madness. It’s probably too unrealistic to hope that sound, logical arguments will penetrate his thick skull. He’s determined to be as big a nuisance as he can.

        1. Oh no, you are being forced to wait to read a chapter of a story that was translated from a foreign language by someone else! There is no justice in the world! Quick, somebody alert the media! This is a crisis of international proportions! Somebody call the United Nations and make them solve this horrific problem right now!

    1. You clearly didn’t read Ruze’s response (which was time-stamped before your post on this page), or mine. Also, the answers for all of the previous chapters have been posted within the comment sections already. Plus, Ruze has even added semi-hidden direct links to the chapters for those who didn’t want to register or were having difficulties solving the riddles.

      For someone who talks about people needing to use their brain, you sure do act like you don’t have one. What’s with the ‘last warning’ nonsense? Oh no, I’m shaking in my boots, terrified of the big bad internet man. You are only making yourself seem more ridiculous and less rational by threatening to post answers that have already been listed multiple times.

      It’s people like you that give the internet a bad reputation. Instead of reading the response you asked for, you complain and make meaningless threats, trying to show how you’re an independent thinker who does whatever he wants, and who cares about the consequences!

      Congratulations, nobody is impressed. Go home, kid. This is the internet. Nobody cares.

  2. Why is everyone so upset? Threatening to quit donating or commenting the answers. Waiting 24 hours is such a huge deal, but in reality if he hadn’t done this game those chapters may not have been out anyways, thus you would not have them this day.
    Or perhaps if you comment the answers, he’ll just wait until tomorrow to update them. Either way you wouldn’t have these chapters without him.

    1. Yea I don’t get why people are mad either. Do these people know how to use a computer? I mean everyone should know Google knows ALL if you can’t figure out the answer. And ugh binary been so long I forgot how to do the conversions.

    2. I would have rather not have the chapters, the frustration of this stupid game has colored my experience with this novel so that I can no longer enjoy a good story…honestly would rather the translation had stopped since I don’t enjoy it anymore.

    1. That would be a browser problem. You’re probably on a phone, like me. You can go to your “Options” menu and select “Request Desktop Site” and it should load properly.

      1. I was also reading these on the phone and the way I fixed it was easy.

        Step 1 – Log in
        Step 2 – Enter Correct Password
        Step 3 – Head to wuxiaworld home page
        Step 4 – Click on chapter post again
        Step 5 – Click on link to the chapter

        No idea why the chapters don’t load on the phone once you enter the password but by either doing steps 1-5 or just hitting backspace to get back to the link and reclicking on the chapter link fixes the problem.

  3. Perhaps a fun idea if it had worked properly. I read this on my phone aswell but cant seem to unlock the chapter. Even after logging in… It is quite annoying.

    Waiting for 24 hours till it gets “unlocked” is just stupid (allthough it seems i dont have a choice). Want to complain some more but since he prolly just doesnt care and will continue this BS I’ll just leave it.

  4. The fact that I had to register to be able to read the chapters because of that “fun password” really rubbed me the wrong way. People should not have to feel (operative word being feel) forced to register. Either close the site completely and have it for registered people only or remove that retarded “o what fun” password.

    and @ Count Grey

    Your “helpful” advice does nothing for people that don’t have an account so stop being the hypocrite, that pissed me off even more then the password.

    1. Or you could figure out the way to read it without the account, as he did make it a possible thing. Since you and so many other people can’t seem to figure out how to use google to look up answers or cant spend a minute creating account. This is how you can bypass both the riddle and account

      Add a -2 at the end of the chapter number in the url.

      Below is the actual URL for chapter 3 that doesn’t need either the password or the account. As you can see it as a -2 at the end. This works for all the chapters all the way up to chapter 8 which hasn’t even be released yet.

      This is the original URL for chapter 3 which you get if you type in the password and are logged in

      As you can see the only difference is the -2. So yea anyone can read if you gave it a second to try and figure things out. And hey riddles are fun and if you don’t wanna mess around wait 24hrs. I mean really, usually we don’t get this many chapters released so fast

    2. I’m sorry you didn’t want to register. You also have the option of waiting until the chapters are unlocked, or using the semi-hidden link provided by Ruze to bypass the password entirely.

      I’m not sure how giving some pointers makes me a hypocrite, especially when Ruze provided all of the necessary information. If you are upset that my posts in response to certain other users have escalated in tone over the course of several hours, then I’m not sure what to say to you. People tend to escalate during arguments. I’m not going to apologize for escalating during an argument. That would be like the weather apologizing for being an inconvenience.

  5. Honestly guys just google BTW its 13 and must register

    Also @Slyverty as they are translating for free well mostly… they can do whatever the heck they want. If you do not want to do the challenge then dont and simply wait till its unlocked. Since you want to read it make the effort of GOOGLE.

    If you are having trouble solving the riddle or basically CBF

  6. hello the 2 first were not easy since je suis francais .but this one ….
    i want to say that i think this is a great idea .that is mostly because i use your comments to learn english too this time ^^
    sorry for the mistakes

  7. Even with this incredibly easy riddle, this has sucked all joy out of what was originally a great story. The lack of acknowledgement shown to all of the silent readers and those (like me that created an account just to complain) who have already expressed their frustration. It is also disrespectful to the original author, as you have negatively colored my feelings to this story forever with this little “gag”.

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