☀COL Volume 7: Chapter 11☀

Happy Lunar New Year! Sorry about any inconveniences that the riddles may have caused anyone.

Here are the games Mk. II.

Each chapter will be posted n x 15 minutes after the previous release. “n” is an integer between 1-10. The first three commentators on the release post can guess a number. If they guess the correct number, then the chapter will be released immediately.

A big round of applause to Skinners for guessing the number correctly. It was 3.

Volume 7: Chapter 11

Translator: Miki
TLC: Ruze
Editors: Jacob, Liza, gcp42487

Answers for the riddles:

Volume 7: Chapter 1 – “Gravity”
Volume 7: Chapter 2 – “Wedding Ring”
Volume 7: Chapter 3 – “13”
Volume 7: Chapter 4 – “Magikarp” (Thanks Pika!)
Volume 7: Chapter 5 – “Lunch+Dinner”
Volume 7: Chapter 6 – “24” (Thanks Thyaeria!)
Volume 7: Chapter 7 – “Blue Paint”
Volume 7: Chapter 8 – “Mercury”

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  1. Chapter 11 and 10 are the same. Author-sama you appear to have placed 1 of them slightly incorrectly and i think it is chapter 10 that needs to be changed as the title doesn’t match

  2. I actually enjoyed it the massive spam of Chapters was worth the riddles please do this again sometime. The challenge was actually tricky but in a fun way.

  3. Quick question is the race that the gods sealed away the same race of the gf because they currently both called “the demon race” after the translator change the “magic race” to the demon race. Just wondering if that was intentional or not

  4. So, how many chapter will be a part of the game Mk II, because that mean , at worse, we will have a chap each 150 min so 2h30. I hope you don’t hope to sleep.

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