27 thoughts on “☀COL VOL 12: CH 31☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapters! CoL has actually been one of my favorite novels since you guys started it, I’ve been reading it since day one! Thank you all for your hard work~

        1. yep, i’ve already started it when all those chapters came out at once cause i should be able to read up all the previous chapters till the last chap release 😀

      1. Will the final chapter be out prior to Sunday, or will it be Sunday of next week? =)

        Also I am curious if you’ll be doing any other work on Wuxiaworld, or if you will be making the move to radiant translations permanent. =o?

        1. Regarding the first, it’s definitely a secret~ But I dare say that you won’t want to miss reading it XD For the second part, I won’t be doing anything on WW for now. Let’s see if my novel in Radiant Translation becomes famous to be able to let Ren think of allowing me to post it on here/ if there’s enough room haha xD So for now, I will be staying in Radiant Translation.

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