☀COL VOL 12: CH 30☀


Translator: Miki
Editors: Qwaztop

Volume 12: Chapter 30

6 thoughts on “☀COL VOL 12: CH 30☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

        1. What is your damn problem? I have seen so many people upset about their releases today. I am disgusted that so many people would have an issue with them doing a mass-release of an entire volume as a special surprise for their viewers. It doesn’t cause any trouble for anyone else, because—guess what, you can simply go to the home page & see if other stuff has released. If you actually look you’ll notice that the only thing that released aside from COL today was ATG, and I can see it quite nicely over there in the recent posts section.

          I don’t care if you don’t read the series, personally I only read a chapter every once in a while, but you are not being harmed in any way by them doing a mass-release as a present for their readers. If you have an issue with it? You know very well where you may shove it, because there is no excuse for people being rude.

          Now Sotehr not all of this is directed at you, quite a few others were pulling this crap, but the remark you made simply aggravated me enough to type it as a reply to you. “Hopefully their next novel isn’t on ww.” Well now I hope damn well that the next thing they translate is on Wuxiaworld, because I would be more than happy to have a translator like this working on the site. Got a problem with that?

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