☀COL VOL 12: CH 29 – END TRUE☀


Hey guys, Miki here. I wanted to have one last fun with all of you readers before COL would be shelved so the previous last three chapters of the mass release were fabricated by me. My apologies to those that didn’t like my fabrications~ Well I’m a translator, but that doesn’t mean I’m good of writing stories 😉

Hehe! Hope you will enjoy the genuine end of the novel. Thank you~ Teehee!

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Translator: Miki
TLC: Ruze
Editors: Tenebris

Volume 12: Chapter 29

21 thoughts on “☀COL VOL 12: CH 29 – END TRUE☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Don’t hate her! Hate the moon and the sun. But thank you to translator Miki *clap clap clap* and to your team thank you very much ! xiexie ! Donors thank you so much !!

      Ps. *crying* huhuhu.. I will miss this !

  1. That’s so evil! But so awesome!

    I’ve never read COL, but seeing that it’s done now I might start tonight 🙂

    Will your next translation not be on WW? Sorry if this has been answered before. Just wondering cause I’d have thought the existing translators would stick around.

  2. A fully translated Xianxia/Xuanhuan novel is as rare as Phoenix feather and Qilin horn, so congrats on translating a full novel!
    We readers are extremely grateful for all your hard work. *Cups hands*
    And maybe now I’ll start reading this one lol 🙂

  3. Really liked this novel, just so sad to see how its so rushed in the end. But the author note kind of explains that though.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this project!

  4. Well, I just decided to check this novel status on nu for how many chapters were left, having put it on hold before, and wow, it’s already finished! Thanks for everything miki, editors, and donators~

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