☀Child of Light Fanart Contest!☀

Break out those art supplies, readers!

The end of Child of Light is approaching quickly, with a little more than 2 volumes remaining. Thus, in celebration, I will be holding a fanart contest here on Wuxia World! Artists are free to draw anything related to Child of Light! Be it a scene in the novel, or something you thought up yourself; you can draw it! The contest will be held from July 18 to August 31st with monetary prizes totaling $350 and fantastic (perhaps even server breaking) milestone rewards!

Read the rules below and post your submissions in the forums!
Update: Reference art has been added!

Content: It’s a free for all! You can draw anything (within reason) you want as long as it’s related to Child of Light!
However, here are a few recommended scenes to draw in case you can’t think of anything:

  1. Zhang Gong leaning his head against Xiao Jin
  2. Zhang Gong surrounded by the dragons, who are asking him to name them
  3. Zhang Gong and Mu Zi
  4. [To be revealed in Volume 11!]
  5. Characters in action!

1st place: $2001

2nd place: $100

3rd place: $50
In addition to the prize money, the winners will be given the opportunity to introduce themselves, add a link to their website, deviantart page, portfolio, or anything else to promote themselves(within reason).


30 submissions23 – Surprise~

50 submissions – Even better surprise~

100 submissions – This may break the servers~

1000 submissions – Is this even possible?



  • Artists can submit as many pieces of artwork as they want.
  • All mediums are accepted. (Drawings, paintings, digital artwork, etc.)
  • No plagiarizing
  • Submissions must be related to Child of Light. Each submission will be judged on a case by case basis.
  • If several pieces of artwork are submitted by one person, only one of them will be voted on. The rest will only count towards the milestones.
  • Make a thread in the child category for the contest and post all of your submissions there.
  • If you have multiple submissions, indicate the one you wish to be voted on, otherwise I’ll pick one for you.
  • Please do not just post a link.
  • Submissions will be accepted until August 31st. On September 1st, the forums will be locked, and a voting will begin a few days later.


Note: There must be at least eight voting submissions4 for the third place prize to be awarded, at least five voting submissions* for there second place prize to be awarded, and at least three voting submissions per category for a first place prize to be awarded.


So there you have it readers! Whip out those art supplies or graphics tablets and start drawing! If you’re not an artistic person, then tell your friends! 😀


Reference art! (May or may not be official)
Zhang Gong Wei
Zhang Gong Wei
Mu Zi Mo
Mu Zi Mo
Dong Ri Huo
Dong Ri Huo
Xiu Si Ma Li
Xiu Si Ma Li
Zhan Hu
Zhan Hu
Lao Lun Di
Lao Lun Di

There is also some character art on the book covers found in the index!

  1. $100 if there are less than three voting submissions.
  2. As long as I can see reasonable effort in the artwork, it will be counted. Low effort submissions, however, will not be counted.
  3. There may or may not be hidden submission value multipliers based on content
  4. A voting submission is the submission the artist wishes to be voted on. Each artist can have only one voting submission.

20 thoughts on “☀Child of Light Fanart Contest!☀” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I made one on paint, just to join in. Even though it sucks it is a bit of a laugh, you should see someone who put the child of light baby picture hahaha

  1. Hey there Ruze!

    In regards to competition, I took a look at the discussion forums available and saw nothing related to the thing I wanted to draw. So I wanted to ask if the competition is strictly towards the characters within Child of Light or can we draw Zhang Gong’s Staff of Sukrad and magic circles, etc? (Mainly because my huam drawing skills suck, but items are alright.)

    Thanks for reading this! 😀

  2. That moment when you decide to power-read through Child of Light while simultaneously going on YouTube to try leveling up your drawing skills for this contest xD


  3. uhmmm…. I would like to ask …. I’m going to ‘join’ this competition but I don’t want the money because I only draw for fun (and for sharing my imagination) if you want to help me only give me lama in deviantart.com …. is it okay…? hihihi!!!!

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