∞ AWE Chapter 1 ∞

It’s pretty exciting to be starting a new translation! I had originally hoped to wait a bit longer before starting to work on it, but as events unfolded, it turned out that now is the most appropriate time to start working. I already mentioned here how it will affect ISSTH. Regarding my plan for AWE chapters, it will be less than ISSTH, probably between 3-5 per week. There will be no sponsored chapters.

One thing I want to make clear from the beginning is that I simply don’t have time to read ahead in the novel, at least not right now. Although we do have direct access to Er Gen to consult regarding important questions, I’m not going to be pestering him with all the details. Therefore, I reserve the right to go back and change translations at any time. Sometimes the meaning of certain words, lines, etc. doesn’t become clear for dozens or hundreds of chapters. I’ve already found things in the first few chapters that don’t get mentioned again for 200 or more chapters. I’ll do my best to keep things consistent, and if I do need to adjust or clarify anything, I’ll make an announcement here in the chapter release post.

As you can see below, much of the ISSTH team is working on this project as well, as well as a new addition to the team. Welcome Ankh! Currently there will be no translation checking, as anonpuffs is busy enough with ISSTH.

For now, please report typos or mistakes in the ISSTH typo thread if possible, or to me directly via e-mail. I will be checking the comments, but similar to ISSTH, I don’t always catch every reported mistake there.

Well enough blabbering, please go enjoy the first chapter:

Chapter 1. Translator: Deathblade. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Editors: GNE and Ankh. Memes: Shu. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

This is the 1st (and last) chapter of the week.

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  1. This is great. Just finished yesterday reading ATTE/AWE on XW and am totally hooked now. I will just read it all over again from the beginning with your translation though. It’s that good of a story and your tl is top-notch. So happy, hehe.

  2. in NU it’s tagged in I Shall Seal the Heavens. Should it be on another List or something? Just for distinction between ISSTH. But anyways thank you so much for your translation. And I’m looking forward for this new novel that you are translating. 😀 God bless!

      1. Could the commenters help me out by bringing attention that this novel is being translated on Xianxiaworld.com, I’m all for Deathblade translating it cause he is fast af BOIIII, but could you start from chapter 140 cause up till there is already translated.

        Quick thing it is translated under the title ‘ A thought through eternity’

  3. I am dissapointed . I don’t want you to translate the novel and insert “CAPS LOCK” to make the things happening ‘MORE SHOCKING” . Screw your ‘ADDED TOUCHS”.

    1. What? O.o
      Every translator has to add stuff just in the process of translating. If you don’t want to read anything with any “added touches,” go read the original Chinese. Lol.
      Not to mention that Deathblade’s translations have always been very high quality and true to the original meaning and feeling.

    2. You have no right to be disappointed. Deathblade is the best translator and he only does what needs to be added because it’s needed and it always makes it better. Go buy an English book if you’re complaining about people translating

    3. @lafiel11:
      Interesting to hear your opinion on db’s style of translating.
      I never thought of something like that reading ISSTH and I honestly appreciate the great work db put into it.

      Why did you post nearly the same comment on the actual chapter?
      Haters gonna hate

      1. Weird how some people complain about the extra effort translators like Deathblade put into making their translations capture the feelings in the original novel.

        It’s like the people who complain about all the exclamation marks in ISSTH, even though Deathblade literally uses the same number Er Gen used in the original.

        I mean, if you don’t like seeing any of the translator’s “personal touch” on a novel, then go MTL or read the original Chinese, or just don’t read it at all.

  4. in case you didnt notice this one s being translated by the xianxiaworld as ” a thought through eternity ” you can check here http://www.novelupdates.com/series/a-thought-through-eternity/ pls dont do same mistake you did with the ” renegade immortal ” as it was already up there as ” Xian Ni ” totally waste of time and effort. i know you dont like to mix up your tled works with others but pls just take it where it was left and continue from there like ATTE at 146 right now i like this site and translators so much i dont want to see you to waste your efforts. thanks for all the work you do.

      1. it seems you shine bright alone to compare to anything with that attitude . its just so sad to see 2 not so diffrent translates . as you can see with the xian ni example it will be %95 same anyways.

        1. I agree with you. I think the translation quality will go down ,because Deathblade likes to “spice” things up with his own added up sentences and translation. Only thing he can do is put out more chapters on weekly basis ,but quality -wise ,the translation is bad (atleast for me).

          1. I definitely don’t agree DB is a quality translator in my opinion, you don’t get inaccuracies and sentences which just don’t function.

    1. Yeah I’ve been reading it on Xianxiaworld, but I think its a good thing if Deathblade picks it up cause the translator on Xianxiaworld is slow, there’s been like 6 chapters in the last 2 months.
      Just hope if you do decide to pick it up you could start from 140~ cause I wanna know what happens, the story is at a really interesting point

      1. Did you read the announcement post? “Our original plan was to bring the finished chapters over to Wuxiaworld and cooperate on it, but Sean explained to us that ‘ATTE’ had gone through multiple different translators, some of which he believed to have been Google/machine-translators. As with most MTL projects, this created many inaccuracies and had actually made it hard to understand previous chapters and keep continuity as a translator, which was one of the reasons he slowed down and quasi-stopped his ATTE translation ~2 months ago”

        1. Like i said he is not too bright lol, he could of just .. you know.. read the thing , word by word and maybe understand what the guy says and not just look at the tittle and come down to complain .. oh well internet people , gotta love em

    2. If you read the original posts, you’d see:

      – The current translator on Xianxiaworld was already thinking of dropping the series.
      – He recommended that Deathblade start from the beginning because the translation quality of the early chapters was poor.
      – Because Deathblade hasn’t read this novel before, and because of the mistakes in the early chapters, it’s better for him to start over and do everything from the beginning for the sake of continuity.
      – Continuity and consistent translation style and quality is important for a high quality, cohesive translation.
      – High quality translations are important because Wuxiaworld has a contract with Qidian to translate and release this novel.
      – If Deathblade didn’t pick up this series, it would probably be dropped anyway. I know you want new chapters right now, but I don’t think you should be complaining when someone is taking the time to translate it at all.
      – Because ISSTH is almost finished, it’s not a waste of effort for Deathblade to start a new series.

  5. “Although we do have direct access to Er Gen…” Direct access to Er Gen? Oh boy… 😛
    This is a really exciting project that I look forward to reading! Does anyone know if it ties into his other works like I Shall Seal the Heavens and Renegade Immortal?

  6. Thanks for the chapter, really looking forward to it. I heard it’s even better than ISSTH.

    Thank you so much for all of your hard-work DB, while I know this is your job. You spoil and give us way too many chapters. Thanks again, and good luck with AWE.

    P.S. Is it Er Gen? Or Ergen? I saw Ren type it out as the latter, but now you have it as the former.

    1. If I could go back in time, I would actually translate his name and call him “The Ear” or something like that. Probably Ergen is more correct. Unless you took the first character to be a surname and the second as his given name like Er Gen.

  7. One thing I want to make clear from the beginning is that I simply don’t have time to read ahead in the novel, at least not right now —-> I’ve already found things in the first few chapters that don’t get mentioned again for 200 or more chapters.

    1.Find the Error
    2. Hm…..
    3. :/

    1. You’ve never posted anything on WW before, and you create a new account to repeatedly spam the exact same things (copy/paste style). This is the definition of spam. Take a day or two to cool off, and if you can come back with a good attitude and respectful suggestions, I’ll consider taking you off the automatic spamblock. Until then, enjoy comment purgatory 🙂

      PS: Both Ergen and I disagree with your opinion re deathblade’s quality, and unlike you we can read Chinese 🙂

    1. The way I see it is that I wouldn’t want to read the phrase “Where there’s a thought, there’s a way” when the person meant to say “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

  8. Congratulations on the new novel! Been reading it on XianXiaWorld and I’m happy to hear that it’s getting picked up here and the translator is moving over. Really didn’t notice the discrepancies so I guess thanks to Sean for making it read so smoothly despite any bad MTLs.

  9. This is fantastic news! I’ve been reading the original ATTE translation but know that it will benefit from being in your hands. No other translator is as good at capturing the essence of Er Gen’s writing than Deathblade! Also happy that this guarantees regular chapter releases (I trust in Deathblade) and glad that the last translator is on board with you taking over.

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