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Chapter 643 Guidance

On the platform, when the black-dressed lady heard the crisp voice behind her, her tightly-shut eyes opened slowly. The corners of her mouth curled upwards slightly, making her cold-looking face somewhat gentle in an instant.

“I thought you followed Uncle Wu Dao to select the new disciples? Why the long face?” The black dressed asked as her lily-white hands took hold of a green-colored long sword. Then, she stood up gracefully while looking at Ying Huanhuan with a tinge of joy in her eyes.

“Don’t mention it,” Ying Huanhuan furrowed her eyebrows and pouted her lips. She then continued, “Initially, I wanted to see how capable the champion of the Hundred Empire War is. In the end, it turns out that he is just an arrogant idiot.”


The black-dressed lady shifted her gaze towards the surging Pill River and exclaimed softly without making a big fuss.

“That fellow actually forsaked the chance to enter the Sky Hall and chose the Desolate Hall instead,”

Ying Huanhuan grumbled angrily.

“Oh?” The black-dressed lady was slightly startled. She was just as surprised as Ying Huanhuan. Apparently, this was the first time she heard of such an incident.

“That fellow said that he wants to learn the Great Desolate Scripture.”

“He’s quite ambitious,” The black-dressed lady replied softly.

“He’s indeed quite ambitious, but I’m afraid his ambition is what that’s going to kill him in the end. If the Great Desolate Scripture is so easy to be mastered, the Desolate Hall would have surpassed the Sky Hall a long time ago. That time, Sis meditated before the Desolate Tablet for a month and still failed to learn anything from it. How can that fellow succeed then?” Ying Huanhuan snorted.

“I have no affinity with the Great Desolate Scripture. Others might actually be able to do so,” The black-dressed lady pointed the tip of her green-colored long sword towards the Pill River. Traces of powerful sword aura began to emerge from the sword.

“To master the Great Desolate Scripture, one needs more than just affinity. Sis, don’t tell me you think that fellow has a chance of succeeding?” Ying Huanhuan asked.

The black-dressed lady turned her head slightly and replied softly, “Twenty-percent chance.”

“Are you saying he has a twenty-percent chance of succeeding? How can it be, you haven’t even met him yet!” Ying Huanhuan exclaimed while her eyes widened up.

“A person who comes from a low-ranked empire and is able to surpass those super empires’ geniuses is no simpleton. Becoming the champion of the Hundred Empire War doesn’t depend on luck alone,” The black-dresses lady explained with a gentle voice.

“Who knows what will happen? There’s nothing special about that lad…” Ying Huanhuan pouted her mouth unbelievably. Then, she continued, “That fellow still dares to wager with me…”

Ying Huanhuan rolled her eyes upon finishing her sentence. Just as she was about to start speaking again, the indifferent voice of the black-dressed lady came from behind, “Don’t bother me with this kind of issue. There are a lot of people who are willing to stick up for you. You don’t need me. I don’t want to be distracted by such issues. I have more important things to care about.”

“You merely lost by a single move to that Ling Qingzhu from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, ain’t it…..” Ying Huanhuan grumbled. However, just as she finished her sentence, she could sense the sword aura that was pervading the platform intensified in an instant. Following which, she quickly shut her mouth.

“Little girl, if you feel that you have too much freedom these days, I can confine you for a few days,” The black-dressed lady’s cold voice silenced Ying Huanhuan instantly. Upon hearing this, Ying Huanhuan turned her body and left without any hesitation.

Upon hearing Ying Huanhuan scuttle away, the black-dressed lady pursed her lips lightly. The green-colored long sword in her hand bolted upright abruptly. At that instant, the aura of the sword pervaded the entire sky. A ten thousand feet long rift split across the surging Pill River instantly. After quite a while, the rift then began to soothe down gradually…

Vigorous Nirvana Qi formed in front of the black-dressed lady. Indistinctly, the Nirvana Qi materialized into an illusory figure. That figure appeared to be Ling Qingzhu.

The black-dressed lady’s eyes were as deep as an abyss. She reached out her slender lily-white index finger and dabbed the illusory figure lightly with it. Then, the aura of her sword surged forward and destroyed the illusory figure into nothingness.

“Ling Qingzhu… I will defeat you….”


The next day, as the morning sunshine poured over the Dao Sect, an unusual commotion broke out stealthily across the enormous mountains of the Desolate Hall.

This commotion originated from the spreading of the news that there was a Hundred Empire War’s champion among the Desolate Hall’s newly-selected disciples. Furthermore, this champion unconventionally forsook the chance to enter the Sky Hall. Instead, he chose to enter the Desolate Hall. Naturally, the issue that the Desolate Hall’s disciples cared about the most was that this new disciple was going to receive the Pill River Head Immersion on his first day!

Generally speaking, only those disciples who performed exceedingly well would be qualified to receive the Pill River Head Immersion. Clearly, a lot of disciples had been working hard for this privilege. However, no one had expected the privilege of the Pill River Head Immersion this year to be seized by a newcomer.

Undoubtedly, this issue had infuriated numerous disciples. Even though they knew a Hundred Empire War’s champion could significantly increase the number of potential disciples in the future and such reward was completely deserving, they were still not happy about it. A newcomer like him, who had not even familiarized himself with the place, dared to claim such privilege. From the current batch of disciples’ perspective, he obviously did not show any respect to his seniors!

On the south of the Desolate Hall near to where the Pill River was, there was an exceptionally enormous mountain. On the mountain summit, there was a vast platform. At this point of time, the platform was swarming with people’s shadows, appearing extremely crowded.

In front of the platform, there was a group of people crowding around. In the centre of the group, there was a grey-clothed guy looking gloomily at the Pill River ahead of him. Everyone could sense the anger within him.

“Senior Tong Chuan, don’t be angry anymore. No one has expected this…” Numerous Desolate Hall’s disciples were consoling the grey-clothed guy, attempting to soothe the anger in his heart.

While speaking, these disciples felt somewhat helpless. Even though they felt that Tong Chuan had the highest chance of obtaining the privilege of the Pill River Head Immersion among the direct disciples and he was fully committed to getting it, they did not expect a newly-joined disciple to crash the party. Furthermore, this newcomer was one step faster in seizing the nomination. It was no wonder that Tong Chuan was so outraged.

“Humph, he’s merely a new disciple. Even if he is the champion of the Hundred Empire War, he still has to understand the concept of seniority! He has to stay in the Desolate Hall for at least two years to be qualified for the Pill River Head Immersion!” Tong Chuan roared coldly.

Upon hearing these words, the Desolate Hall’s disciples surrounding Tong Chuan could only laugh bitterly. It seemed like Tong Chuan had no intention of letting the matter rest. Soon after, these disciples began to sympathize with the new disciple. Even though he had done a meritorious deed for the Dao Sect, the Desolate Hall still had its own rules and regulations. Certain privileges had to be earned with capabilities. If Tong Chuan was to take action on purpose, even if the new disciple was able to obtain the privilege of the Pill River Head Immersion, his reputation would suffer significantly.

With regards to his capability, the disciples surrounding Tong Chuan had not much worries about the latter. Tong Chuan had been in the Desolate Hall for three years and he had reached the Six Yuan Nirvana Stage. He was considered rather powerful among the direct disciples. Furthermore, that new disciple was reported to be only at the Four Yuan Nirvana Stage.

At this moment, the number of disciples who had received the news and rushed towards the platform before Pill River was rather huge. Other than Tong Chuan, there was a lot of other direct disciples. However, these direct disciples were not as infuriated as Tong Chuan. They merely folded their arms and waited eagerly for what was going to happen next. They clearly knew that the new disciple, whose name was Lin Dong, would not obtain the privilege of the Pill River Head Immersion so easily…..


As numerous disciples waited on the Pill River platform, the sound of wind breaking echoed through the air suddenly. Soon after, more than ten figures flew from afar and landed on the platform. The guy leading the group was Lin Dong himself.

As Lin Dong and his counterparts arrived, the initially rowdy platform quietened down instantly. Numerous gazes converged on them. Most of their eyes contained a playful tinge.

Lin Dong, who had just landed on the platform, could naturally sense the unusual atmosphere. However, his face did not show the slightest bit of surprise. He clearly understood that even though he was a direct disciple, a new disciple like him could not easily convince the crowd of his strength. Those disciples who were of higher seniority, were bound to brood over the fact that he obtained the nomination for the Pill River Head Immersion…

Lin Dong also knew how to deal with this kind of situation…

“Such a group of vigorous young men. Seems like you won’t be lonely in the future…” Little Marten chuckled as he looked smilingly at the surrounding Desolate Hall’s disciples.

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly.

“Are you the direct disciple that has just entered the Desolate Hall, Lin Dong?

Not long after Lin Dong appeared, Tong Chuan could not help but took a step forward and asked with a deep voice.

“There’s going to be a good show…”

When the crowd saw Tong Chuan take a step forward, the same words echoed through their minds.

“Nice to meet you, Senior,” Lin Dong smiled and cupped his fist.

“Lin Dong, you have indeed done a meritorious deed for the Dao Sect by becoming the champion of the Hundred Empire War. However, I don’t think it’s wise to take credit for this. Every year, only one person is allowed to enjoy the Pill River Head Immersion. Given your current status in the hall, I’m afraid you’re not qualified to enjoy this privilege. Therefore, Senior shall advise you to come and fight for this privilege again two years later. That might be a better decision for you,” Tong Chuan said indifferently.

“Is it that I don’t have the capability or the qualifications?” Lin Dong smirked.

Tong Chuan squinted his eyes and replied, “Since you have asked, I can only tell you that you have neither!”


Lin Dong nodded his head. Then, under the numerous astonished gazes from the Desolate Hall’s disciples, Lin Dong cupped his fists towards Tong Chuan.

“Senior, please guide me!”

Tong Chuan was not the only one who wanted to establish dominance. As a newcomer, Lin Dong clearly understood the importance of such action as well. And right now, it seemed like the perfect chance to do so.

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