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Chapter 132 – Katar

When Nie Li merged with his Fanged Panda, he grew nearly two meters meters in height. He looked like a charming naive Fanged Panda. When he was compared to the domineering Golden Horned Land Dragon, they didn’t look to be on the same level.

A Fanged Panda?

Everyone was dumbfounded. They never imagined that Nie Li would actually summon a Fanged Panda in front of a Golden Horned Land Dragon.

Is he here to be a comedian?

The Fanged Panda belongs to one of the lower lifeforms among the demon beasts. Even if it’s the most powerful Fanged Panda, it’d probably only be Bronze or Silver rank. As for the Golden Horned Land Dragon, it’s a pinnacle existence among the Gold rank. Some of the more powerful Golden Horned Land Dragons could even have strength comparable to Legend rank.

“It’s not just any Fanged Panda. You guys can’t underestimate this one. This is the Fanged Panda that defeated several geniuses of the Sacred Family!”

Some of these people have watched the tournament hosted by the Sacred Family and saw the fighting capability of the Nie Li’s Fanged Panda.

“Even if this Fanged Panda is extraordinary, so what? Could it defeat the Golden Horned Land Dragon? What a Joke!”

After Nie Li integrated with the Fanged Panda, he calmly stood still. His gaze looked at the Golden Horned Land Dragon in front of him.

“Hahaha, brat, this is your demon spirit? You actually brought out a Fanged Panda to fight with me? You’re simply reckless!” Ye Han proudly laughed. In his heart, his Golden Horned Land Dragon is the strongest. Nie Li intends on beating him in a battle with a Fanged Panda? Ridiculous!

Nie Li calmly said, “We’ll know who’s being reckless after the fight.”

There’s a reason why Nie Li chose the Fanged Panda among the various God level growth rate demon spirits. When the demon spirits were in the Nightmare Demon Pot, the superior demon spirit would always devour the inferior ones and survive in the end. At the final round of the merging process, Nie Li placed several powerful demon spirits in it and the Fanged Panda survived. Which also means that the Fanged Panda is already in its perfect form! Thereafter, the results did not disappoint him.

“It seems like you won’t accept the facts without experiencing reality. I’ll personally have a look at your abilities then!”

Ye Han let out a low growl. That huge tail of his swung down towards Nie Li. That huge hammer at the tail end tore through the air, emitting air explosive sounds.

Seeing that huge tail swinging towards him, Nie Li did a few rolls and grazed the tail.


The tail slammed onto the floor, causing an explosion, making the dust rise into the air and a huge crater was formed where the hammer had struck.

“Your movements are rather fast!” Ye Han said, squinting his eyes. He never thought that the stupid looking Fanged Panda would have such fast movements. When Nie Li dodged, he had only left a shadow behind.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Golden Horned Land Dragon launched a series of fierce attacks, bombarding the floor constantly.

Nie Li had to continuously dodge, and was unable to take any initiative to counterattack. Ye Han’s attacks are well chained and endless, making it difficult to find any flaws in this attack patterns. That hammer tail of his would continuously sweep over him. If Nie Li got careless and was struck, with his current strength, it wouldn’t feel very comfortable.

Among the Gold rank, Ye Han’s combat abilities are, indeed, extraordinary. No wonder he was the previous number one genius in Glory City.

As Nie Li continued to dodge the attacks, he tried to search for Ye Han’s flaw in his attacks. Ye Han, at this point of time, was getting a little impatient. With his cultivation being the strength of a 3-star Gold rank, he could easily defeat a 5-star Silver rank.

However, out of his expectations, Nie Li was like a roach that kept slipping from his hands. His every attack was dodged by Nie Li.

However, this kind of state of mind only remained for a short while before Ye Han calmed his heart down. After all, he has experienced a countless amount of battle on his trip out. How could his heart be disrupted by such a small matter?

“Seems like I have underestimated you. However, since you’re going against me, there is only one result, and that’s you lose! I’ll let you know what’s known as true strength!” Ye Han coldly snorted. A red luster was emitting off of his golden scales; soon after, he suddenly breathed out a thick pillar of fire.

Raging flames of the dragon!

Sensing the heat wave coming from Ye Han, Nie Li was already prepared for it. Dragon tribes always have a fire breathing ability.

“Showing your trump card so fast? Then I’ll do the same!”

Nie Li opened his mouth wide. A black sphere and a white sphere shot out from his mouth and flew towards the raging flames of the dragon.


The black and white spheres rotated around each other, and collided against the raging flames of dragon, causing an explosion.

That shockwave caused by the explosion swallowed a ten meter wide area. The raging flames of the dragon had exploded in all directions.

Such terrifying power!

Ye Han was being blown away by the shock wave and fell to the ground dozens of meters away. After he fell onto the ground, his breathing rhythm became messed up. He was trying to catch for his breath in large mouthfuls. Because he was singed by the flames, he was in a bit of a sorry state. The golden scales were covered with black scorch marks.

Although was prepared for it, Nie Li wasn’t any better off. After he spat out the Yin-Yang burst, he immediately retreated dozens meters back. However, he was also swept within the flames, causing some of his furs burnt.

The might of the Yin-Yang burst was very strong. When it came into contact with the raging flames of dragon, it exploded, unleashing several folds of power. It was even stronger than Nie Li expected.

So when the Yin-Yang burst comes in contact with flames, it can be even stronger.

The explosion caused by the contact of the Yin-Yang burst and the raging flames of the dragon, affected even some observing students who were far away. The burst knocked over lots of people, and screams had filled the air. Only those with good cultivation managed to dodge in time.

When they looked back at the middle of the battlefield, their hearts were beyond surprised. Heavens, just what exactly is this power? Probably only experts nearing the Black Gold rank would be able to unleash such frightening might, right?

These two guys are too sick!

Ye Han was catching his breath violently, his eyes flashed with a faint, but clear, shock and unease. Even though he’s already the strongest genius among the younger generations, reaching 3-star Gold rank at twenty years old, how is this fella in front of him, who’s only at the age of fourteen, already have the strength to fight him?

He’s been admired by everyone. He’s looked at with respect by everyone. Today, he felt his face burning. His seat as the number one genius would probably go to Nie Li today.

No wonder why even his foster father would be so connive towards Nie Li. With his talent, if he were to continue his growth, he will definitely become a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist of Glory City. He’ll be the one that controls the fate of Glory City. If Nie Li really reached Legend rank, even Ye Zong’s City Lord’s position, might be offered to Nie Li without resistance. At the same time, if Nie Li likes Ye Ziyun, the entire Snow Wind Family will also agree for the marriage.

Ye Han clenched his fists tightly. The anger within in his heart was about to break out.

So all of my efforts were in vain. All along, what am I?

Ye Han recalled his young days when he was brought to the City Lord’s Mansion by Ye Zong. The moment he saw that magnificent hall, he had already told himself that he must become the owner of the City Lord’s Mansion. The moment he saw Ye Ziyun, he also constantly told himself that he must have her as his wife.

And now, all of his dreams were destroyed.

Ye Han’s eyes turned crimson red, like an enraged beast. I will not let anyone snatch what is mine from my hands!


The Golden Horned Land Dragon released an even more furious roar. It felt as though a volcano was erupting.

Feeling the resentment in Ye Han’s roar, Nie Li understood the anger within his heart. However, even if he’s resented, so what? If there are things that don’t belong to you, there’s no point using force to have it!

When Ye Han took a step forward, spiderweb-like cracks appeared on the floor. Some of the stone shards were squashed to powder. Suddenly, spikes began to grow out of Ye Han’s body as his eyes flashed with chilling light.

Seeing Ye Han’s action, even Nie Li was shocked. He never imagined that, although Ye Han is unable to unleash the full power of the Golden Horned Land Dragon, he was be able to let the Golden Horned Land Dragon undergo the first mutation.

When a Demon Spiritualist integrates with their demon spirit, the soul force within their body is also integrated with the demon spirit. This will change the demon spirit, causing it to evolve towards a different direction. After evolving, the demon spirit’s strength will be greatly enhanced, and new abilities would appear from the mutation.

A mutation occurs sometime after the integration, and under a miracle coincidence, it will become uncontrollable. Therefore, even though Nie Li knows how to cause a mutation to his demon spirits, his integration with the Shadow Devil and Fanged Panda was only a short while ago, so he is unable to accomplish a mutation.

An ordinary Gold rank expert can only accomplish one mutation and the mutation can only hold out for at most, half an hour.

With Ye Han’s current strength, maintaining the mutated form seems to be a little too forceful, which caused him to lose his sanity a little, and caused his eyes to turn crimson.

“Let me see how strong you are now after a mutation!” Nie Li grunted, manipulating his soul realm. Almost immediately, waves of soul force had merged into the Fanged Panda’s body.


Ye Han stepped on the ground and leaped up, waving that spike filled palm and swinging it towards Nie Li.

Nie Li coldly snorted, a pair of katars appeared in his hands. This pair of katars are the soul weapon that Nie Li obtained from the Heavenly Marks Family’s treasury.


Nie Li’s fist, which is wielding one of the katars, made contact with Ye Han’s fist. Waves of powerful soul force sent Nie Li flying several meters away. He then fell to the ground. As for Ye Han, who had merged with the Golden Horned Land Dragon, he had many wounds on his fist.

Soul weapons are the most powerful weapon to use when facing demon spirits. Even the defence of the Golden Horned Land Dragon, who belonged to the defensive-type demon spirits could be easily broken.

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